I hate new years resolutions. Mainly because they are usually things that call for a drastic change that can be unrealistic, which leads to abandoning said resolutions by the end of January. At the beginning of last year, I decided that I would write goals instead of resolutions. Goals (achievable goals) for the year and goals for my future. I found that it was much easier to work towards and meet these goals than my usual “resolutions.” The key to writing goals (for myself anyway) is to make them specific and achievable but still hold high expectations for myself. Without further ado, the following are my goals for 2010 and beyond.


  1. Run a 5K – This is a goal that I have had for a while now. I have been running for a while but I have yet to run in an actual race. I was always too afraid because I felt like I ran slow and would not compare to other runners. I realized a while ago that this was silly, I should not compare myself to other runners, whether they be faster or slower than me. I am myself and I can only give my best efforts. I signed up for a 5k that was actually meant to take place today and trained my little heart out with speed work and I did see a definite improvement in my speed. My 5k was put on hold due to my injury but I still hope to accomplish this goal this year.
  2. Run a half-marathon – I signed up for a half-marathon (pre-injury) that supposed to take place on April 11th, 2010. I did this after signing up for the 5k (which just signing up for gave me the confidence boost that I needed to push me to believing that I could accomplish running a half-marathon). This is also put on hold (temporarily?) due to my injury. I may or may not be able to run the specific half-marathon that I signed up for in April but I am determined that I will run a half this year.
  3. Eliminate artificial sweeteners from my diet – We have heard time and time again how bad artificial sweeteners are for us but I have ignored this warning for years simply because I did not want to use real sugar because of calories. I have since come to the conclusion that it is much much better for my body to use a natural sweetener than to put something artificial into my body and have been working to cut them out of my diet. It has been an adjustment but I am on my way to accomplishing this goal.
  4. Listen to my body – This goes for both eating and running/exercise. If I am hungry, I will eat. I will not deprive my body of what it wants. The catch is, I can choose to eat healthy things that are good for me. However, if my body is craving… say a donut… I will not deny myself a craving, no matter how indulgent it may be, all of the time. There is a something called too much of a good thing and I am not going to go crazy but I do know that if I tell myself I cannot have a certain food, I will crave it all the more. I have also learned through my injury how important it is to listen to your body regarding running and other forms of exercise. I may have caused the stress fracture because I did not listen to my body when it tried to tell me that I needed more rest days; instead, I pushed through any pain that I had and ended up pushing my body past it’s limit. When I am able to run again, you better believe I will listen what my body says, first and foremost, and incorporate more rest days.
  5. Challenge myself by doing things that I am afraid of (within limits, of course) – I am not saying that I am going to go jump off of a cliff but there are fears that I have that are silly and I that I want to overcome. I have already challenged myself this year by changing my major. I was only a semester away from graduating with an early childhood degree when I switched my major to business this past November. I have known for a while that education was not for me but I was too afraid to get out of my comfort zone and do something that I was afraid of. I finally realized that it was now or never and I should go after my dreams instead of staying with what was familiar. I changed my major and have never looked back. I am about to start my first round of business classes next week. Am I nervous? Yes. Am I excited? YES! I followed my heart and I will never regret that.
  6. Track my spending – I am terrible, absolutely terrible, at tracking what I spend and using my checkbook. I’m quite ashamed that I usually have no idea how much money I have to my name. It’s sad. And not a good thing. So I found a great website (www.mint.com) that allows you to track your spending and set a budget for yourself, among other things, that I am going to use. It is free and very easy to understand and to use. I am hoping that it will show me areas where I need to cut back on my spending and hopefully end up spending a little less money overall in 2010.
  7. Hold high expectations for relationships – I won’t go into too much detail about this one but I have learned a lot this past year about relationships. I (finally) got out of a bad long-term relationship this past year and have now dated my share of men. At times I have lowered my expectations for someone and later realized how crazy that was. I will not lower my expectations for someone again.

And Beyond…

  1. Sell wedding cakes/custom cakes
  2. Run a marathon
  3. Have a family

And there you have it, my goals for the future. I will accomplish these goals. But I also will keep in mind that my goals can be adjusted, added to, etc. and are not set in stone. I, for one, cannot wait to see what 2010 brings!!

What are some of your goals for 2010 and beyond?


“Believe that you can do it, under any circumstances. Because if you believe you can, then you really will. That belief just keeps you searching for the answers, then pretty soon you get it."
– Wally "Famous" Amos