Isn’t great when you leave a doctor’s visit actually happy (very rare for me)? I went into the doctor’s appointment thinking that I had a stress fracture in my hip to find out that it is actually a mild stress fracture in the front part of my pelvic bone. While it is still a stress fracture, it is much less serious than if it was in my hip. I saw the MRI and it was really interesting to see what exactly he was talking about. I am now taking a calcium supplement and a vitamin D supplement, in addition to a multi-vitamin, which is supposed to help the healing process. I was told that I could start light aerobic activity very gradually and see how it goes. Currently, I do not have pain when simply walking anymore but I have not done any aerobic activity in probably a week and a half. SO I am going to follow what my doctor said and take it very slow and easy so as not to hurt the progress I have made so far.

Also, the really great part was that he said that I should be able to still run the half marathon that I had planned in April!! That completely made my day. Of course, it still will depend on how fast I heal and how much running endurance I lost once I begin to run again. I am not expecting to be able to train very much by the time I can run again so I know my half marathon time probably won’t be fantastic but that is completely arbitrary now – I am simply happy that I will be able to run it, no matter how slow I go.

Also, my doctor said that while he cannot know exactly why the stress fracture happened, it was more than likely due to over training or not enough calories/vitamins/nutrition. I am not sure which one is what really caused it but I do know that it will benefit to improve in both areas. Once I begin running again on a regular basis, I will incorporate more rest days for one thing. I need to listen to my body and not force myself to run when I physically feel like I shouldn’t. In the past, I ran almost every day, ignoring my body’s pleas for some rest. I know now that rest days are extremely important and will actually greatly benefit me. Also, I am going to be incorporating cross training.

Nutrition wise, in retrospect I do not think I was eating enough when I was running so many miles a week. Now, not doing any type of cardio, I am still eating what I was eating then and I have actually lost weight without trying; I am not a nutritionist or greatly knowledgeable in this area but this tells me that I was not eating enough calories for my activity level. So, I am going to increase my calorie intake to balance my running when I am able to run again.

All in all, I have learned two very important lessons: listen to your body and never take a single run for granted. We put our bodies through so much and I never realized how hard running is on your body. I am so incredibly thankful now for what my body can do rather than focusing on what it can’t do. It just goes to show how we shouldn’t take anything for granted, even something as simple as the ability to exercise. We need to take care of our bodies, to put it simply.

On to my most delicious dinner. Keeping with the “fast food” theme, I made Lighter Sesame Chicken from We Are Not Martha (recipe can be found here). This is one of my favorite Chinese dishes but I rarely, if ever, eat it anymore because of how it is prepared – fried and covered in tons of sauce. When I saw this recipe on their website, I immediately bookmarked it and knew that I would be trying it soon. It was absolutely delicious! The chicken comes out pretty crispy for not being deep fried and is much better for you – only 2 tbsp. of oil are used for the entire dish. My chicken was not as crispy as it probably would have if I had had all of the necessary ingredients (I only had a couple tablespoons of cornstarch so I had to add some all purpose flour). Regardless, it was fantastic and hit all the notes of the Sesame Chicken I love. Served over brown rice with broccoli, it is a pretty nutritionally balanced meal! You could also substitute the chicken for tofu if you are a vegetarian.


I hope everyone has a fantastic night! And I also want to thank all of you who actually read my blog – I am so excited about it and I wish you all the best!

"Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success" – Napoleon Hill

What is your favorite take out meal that you like to prepare at home?


Edited to add:

I generally have some sort of dessert every night but I don’t post it. However, tonight it was so delicious that I just had to!!! I simply cut up an apple, mixed it with cinnamon, and microwaved it and placed that on top of Greek yogurt that I sweetened with Agave nectar. But THEN, the key to the deliciousness, I added some toffee bits to it and oh. my. gosh. A party in my mouth. It tasted like a candy apple!!! And it was a fairly healthy dessert to top it all off!!!

(I apologize for the messiness of the picture – I wasn’t planning on sharing it with the world!)