After yesterday’s news and the advice of my doctor that the elliptical would be the best place to start getting back into cardio, I am going to get a membership to a gym today, 24 Hour Fitness. The gym options are very limited around where I live. 24 Hour Fitness is more expensive than the other options but it is open all hours (hence the name), which will work with my incredibly busy schedule, which will hopefully limit my excuses to not go. I am nervous about it because I have actually never joined a gym – actually, I’ve never even been IN a gym. So this is very new to me. I’ve always had a fear or working out around others but as my confidence has gotten better as I have gotten older, it doesn’t bother me as much. In any case, I am excited about it!

What did I have for breakfast? You guessed it… oat bran! Yes, I know, slightly boring but it’s so good and so filling. I had the usual mix today but I topped it with agave nectar and almond butter. I’m in love with agave nectar. It is natural and a little bit goes a long long way. I really only used a drizzle in my oats and they were perfectly sweetened.


(I promise there is almond butter… it just kinda sunk because the oat bran was somewhat runny today for some reason)

I also had some pumpkin spice coffee. This mug just makes me smile 🙂


Lunch was just what I was craving.. Greek Yogurt with Kashi Heart to Heart Cinnamon with strawberries. I also had an apple. My lunch was severely lacking in the vegetable department but I will try to make it up at dinner. Sometimes a girl’s gotta eat what she really wants..



Am I the only one in the blog world who has never been a member of a gym?