I had a very late night last night and then woke up freakishly early because of my growling stomach. I only got six hours of sleep, which is not enough for me, so I am really dragging today. I see a nap in my future…

Last night I ended up having cheese ravioli with marinara sauce for dinner. The healthiest option? Most certainly not. But it was quite delicious. I’m not sure if the pasta in the ravioli itself was homemade but I think it was. It was soo good!!! It was doughy and all cheesy and delicious, yum!

For breakfast, I woke up craving oats (per usual) and decided to change it up a bit by having Scottish Oats. What are Scottish Oats you ask? Well according to Bob’s Red Mill:

Oatmeal originated in Scotland centuries ago and was different from our modern rolled oats. A coarse meal was produced by slowly grinding the kernel between two large mill stones. Our Scottish Oatmeal is produced in the same old fashioned way and contains all the health giving nutrients of the best quality oats from which it was ground–the germ, the oil and the fiber. The result is a surprisingly unique and flavorful hot cereal.

To me, it’s like a mix between steel cut oats and oat bran. It’s creamy but it also has the doughyness of regular oats (I believe Kath explained it similarly). When I first tried it, I liked it but I was not crazy about it. You know how some foods are just better the more you try it and perfect how you cook it? This is definitely that kind of thing for me. It’s also a nice change from regular oats or oat bran. 

In the mix was:

  • 1/4 cup Scottish oats (the serving size)
  • 1/2 banana
  • pinch of salt
  • cinnamon
  • Agave
  • almond butter


I also had some very strong coffee.

On another note, my injury is feeling better this morning. But I say better, not gone; I still feel some slight discomfort so I made an adult decision that I am going to skip the gym today. That is really hard for me after finally being able to do something but I think it is in my best interest. I would rather allow my injury to heal and be able to run sooner rather than ruin any progress I have made.

On today’s agenda:

  • Whittle My Middle II
  • errands
  • grocery store!!!!!
  • studying
  • a nap
  • cook a delicious dinner

Have a good Sunday!