I have been having computer difficulties BUT hopefully they are resolved. In any case, let me recap some major things from the last few days.

I did play Frisbee Golf, not Ultimate Frisbee (I correct myself), on Monday and it was SO fun!! Was I good at it? No.. but it was still fun!! And also, the course was a couple miles long so I also got a nice walk in. And the funny thing was, my injury had been hurting so badly that day but once I got out there and moving, I did not feel it at ALL. Then that night after I had been sitting a while, the pain came back. Odd.

Also Monday night, I had dinner with a friend’s family. It was interesting because it was not planned, just kind of happened, and so, my luck, what were they having for dinner? Steak. As I don’t eat red meat, I was on the spot because I had never eaten with this family and they did not know that I did not eat red meat. I explained to my friend’s mom my situation and she was completely understanding. I was so afraid of offending her or hurting her feelings but that did not happen. She served dinner and just didn’t put steak on my plate and no questions were asked from other people at the table and I was not put on the spot, thank goodness. Have you ever been in a situation like this if you are a vegetarian/vegan/etc.?

Anyway, I was a bad blogger and didn’t blog last night as I was beat. Tuesdays are very long days for me as I have class and work until 8 P.M. Before class I had a snack to tide me over until dinner. I had an apple and part of each of these LaraBars.




No, I didn’t eat both of the bars. 🙂 I started with the cherry but I didn’t like it; rather than continue eating something I didn’t like, I ate the apple pie instead (most of it). The apple pie was very good!!

When I got home from class I was starving! I put together a bowl of Kashi Heart to Heart, yogurt, and strawberries and inhaled it (hence, no picture). It didn’t fill me up so I went back for a Pepperidge Farm Sandwich thin topped with peanut butter and mini chocolate chips. A girls gotta have her chocolate 😉

Breakfast this morning was my standby, oats. I love a variety in my meals but you just can’t beat this combination.


In the mix:

  • oats
  • milk
  • water
  • 1/2 banana
  • cinnamon
  • salt
  • Barney Butter

Lunch today was very simple but good. I had a Pepperidge Farm Sandwich thin with turkey, baby spinach, tomato, and mustard with an apple on the side.



Lunch was light as I will have a snack before work, some sort of Glo Bar. Have a good afternoon!!