As you can probably guess, I had chili for dinner. If ever there was chili weather, it was today. I don’t know about you but on a cold rainy day, all I want is a big bowl of something hot. And delicious. And it met both criteria 🙂


The chili was made by my mom and it does not contain a large amount of ingredients and is not complicated to make but it is one of my favorite meals. Some of the main ingredients are ground turkey, pinto beans, and canned tomatoes. And I while I consider myself a good cook, I just can’t get it to taste like it does when my mom makes it. But isn’t that always true with anything? You can never make it as good as Mom 😉


I also had a slice of cornbread on the side. In our house, no chili is complete without some cornbread.


I had a Chips Ahoy cookie for dessert. I haven’t had these in forever… soo good!

I apologize for the extremely short post but I am beat! Is it just me or has this been a very long week? I am about to read some of Twilight (for the millionth time) and then channel my inner old person and head to bed early. Have a good night, blog world!