Oh boy, this day is over. Finally. 🙂 It’s been a good day, just very long.

School was fairly uneventful for the most part. If you have ever had a night class, I’m sure you know they are not fun. If you have not.. consider yourself lucky. I think it could be the most interesting subject ever but my attention span says adios after about 7:30 PM. My night class lasts from 6-8:40 and usually we are not in there the whole time but tonight we stayed until the very end. My professor is a very smart woman and has a passion for what she teaches, she actually wrote our textbook (yeah she wrote it.. I thought she was joking when she told us), so she can go on and on and on about the subject. She has also traveled all over the world and has a LOT of experiences so she has a LOT of stories. And usually, I’m all about hearing personal stories. But it was getting late and I was getting hungry… and when I get to a certain point of hunger, if you are in my way, watch out… In any case, she got into a debate with a student about some issue. It was that student… the one who thinks they know everything.. yeah. Everyone else in the class was shooting the student glares because darn it, we wanted to go home, but they just kept arguing… and I couldn’t even tell you now what they were arguing about.

In any case, my late class meant I came home starving… to a delicious meal made by my mother 🙂 Yes, I still live at home.. all the cool kids live at home 😉

She made salmon cakes, green beans, and a sweet potato for me. It was yummy.


I also had a microwaved apple with cinnamon and yogurt as dessert.


My tummy is now very happy 🙂


I also had a snack of grapes and the rest of my Glo Bar from yesterday before class to hold me until dinner.



So I actually did have something that is relevant to the blog and my injury happen today. I got some very interesting information about my injury from someone who is very knowledgeable about running. However, it is late and to keep you in suspense I will share with you the details in the morning. It’s great advice for any runner who has experienced an injury or may want to take precautions against one in the future. Stay tuned!

Monica from Run Eat Repeat had this fantastic and very fun idea (thank you Monica!). You can click on the link below and ask me any question, absolutely anything you can think of, and it will be completely and totally anonymous. Have fun with it! You can ask something silly, random, or completely serious, whatever you can think of, and I will answer here on the blog!

Ask Me Anything!!


I hope everyone has a fantastic night!