Almond butter, that is 🙂 More on that in a minute…

Back to lunch (it seems like that was forever ago!).. following doctor’s orders, I had some yogurt. But not just any yogurt.. no.. Pumpkin Yogurt, a la Caitlin. You simply mix canned pumpkin, spices, yogurt, and sweetener of your choosing and voila.. pumpkin yogurt! It is reminiscent of Pumpkin Pie flavored yogurts but even better. It has lots of protein, fiber, vitamins, and way less sugar than the artificially flavored yogurts.

I mixed 2/3 cup Greek yogurt with 1/4ish cup of canned pumpkin (I usually use Libby’s but the store only had the organic canned pumpkin… not as good as Libby’s), some apple pie spice blend, and some Agave. I added 1 serving of Kashi Heart to Heart Warm Cinnamon and one apple.


After this picture, I mixed it all up, making for a very un-photogenic but unbelievably delicious yogurt mess. Must. Repeat. ASAP.

I also had some broccoli along side to get some green in me.


School was, again, rather uneventful. I’m starting to become stressed as I just realized I have a test in every since class in a span of oh.. 7 days. First one is Monday. YIKES!!!

Now, I must warn you, dinner was void of veggies, full of carbohydrates, and completely un-sophisticated. But oh so good and complete comfort food to me.

I had 1 serving of grits (if you’re not from the South, i’m sure you have heard of them… it’s a southern thing) topped with 1 scrambled egg and egg white and some sharp cheddar cheese. It was just what I was craving.. you must try this!!


Also had some whole wheat toast with natural strawberry spread (told you it was full of carbs 🙂 )



Dinner was very good but I was still hungry. So I made a snack with some almond butter that I picked up today. (no picture, I apologize) I topped some of this amazingness, aka almond butter, with some mini choc chips and microwaved it until it was all melty and dipped an apple in it. HOLY moly was good.. out of this world!!! I will further explain my love of this almond butter and how it’s even better than most nut butters in the morning. Is it sad that I am already looking forward to breakfast? Ah well.


So the topic of grits got me to thinking what else about where I live is different than the Northern or Western U.S. These are some random facts and tidbits about the South (at least where I live in S.C.). This is totally just my opinion, by the way, and I in no way mean anything negative.

  • You must love grits and sweet tea. Period.                                             

Grits are to us what polenta is to many people. But we tend to eat them with breakfast. Grits are actually coarsly ground hominy and when cooked with some sort of liquid (usually water but are incredible with milk or cream) turn into this delicious porridge like consistency that is oh so creamy. I have only had them with butter and salt but i’ve heard that some prefer their grits sweet with sugar.. i’ll stick with butter, thank you very much. But tea is a whole different ballgame. If you ask for tea in the South, you will most likely be served sweet tea. And I mean sweet tea. And if you don’t like tea, others will look at you like you are crazy. Just so you know.

  • Be careful when driving at night… must watch for the deer!

Yes, this is actually true. Especially in rural areas. I have a friend who’s car hood was just totaled because a deer jumped out in front of him and he hit it. And then he got his hood fixed and not days later, we were driving along and out of nowhere, a deer jumps out in front of him yet again. Thankfully, no harm done the second time (to the deer or the car). And my great aunt actually had a deer jump through her car while she was driving. In the passenger’s window and out her window. True story.

  • The weather is crazy and can’t make up its mind

Spring and fall are beautiful with usually nice comfortable temperatures. But otherwise… there is no telling what the weather may bring. We may have 70 degree temperatures in December and snow in January.. one can never tell. As proof, here is our weather for the next few days:

Jan 28

Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy


Jan 29

PM Rain / Snow
PM Rain / Snow


Jan 30

Light Wintry Mix
Light Wintry Mix


Yep, that’s right. 60 degrees one day and the next… we just may have snow!! Craziness!!!

  • Mudding” is a treasured pastime for many guys (and some gals)

Basically, this is driving your car through mud and creating as much mud as you can.. thereby covering your car in .. MUD! I once had a guy tell me that my Jeep would be GREAT for going mudding and was completely baffled why I didn’t partake in said “mudding.” Baffled. Um.. no thank you. I am sure it would be fun, maybe, and an experience but I like my car clean, thanks.

  • Flip Flops are, in fact, in style no matter the season

Yep. Many wear flip-flops in winter. I’m all for some flip-flops, I love them. But I don’t love cold toes. So I refrain from this style until warmer weather 🙂


Well now you know some really useless facts about living in South Carolina, though some may disagree… I hope that was somewhat entertaining. And I must say, I do love where I live and I’m glad I live here. But I hate how we are portrayed sometimes. We are all not dumb, backwards people… despite what you may hear.

What is something that makes the area where you live unique?

All human wisdom is summed up in two words; wait and hope.