Today I have a test in my Business Management class, the first of five tests between now and next Thursday. Wish me luck! This test and my statistics and probability test on Thursday are actually my easier ones. Which, by the way, I never thought I would say statistics and easy in the same sentence..

So… are you wondering about the title? Thought I had bananas again? Well I do.. but they aren’t ripe 😦 I did not do the grocery shopping this week, unfortunately, so I was provided with unripe bananas. Ah well. The ripest looked like this this morning…


And I don’t about you but I’d rather have oats sans banana than oats with an un ripe banana. I considered oat brand like yesterday but I really wanted some oats… and you know when you are craving something and nothing else will hit the spot? Yeah.. that was me. So oats sans banana it was. And the verdict? It was actually great! Totally hit the spot! Obviously they were less sweet than usual but I actually liked it.


The usual mix but with no banana.


Lunch was very colorful!


Sweet potato fries… one day without you is one day too long… with some broccoli and baby carrots that I dipped in light ranch.

With some yogurt and flax cereal.


Sorry for the quick post but I must go tackle this test… Have a great day!