First, thank you to everyone for the kind words and well wishes from the last post. I really appreciate it! 🙂

And I apologize for the not so happy previous post. I know that there is a fine line between being honest and real and being a “Debbie downer.” I don’t want my blog to be like that. I want it to be a positive place. But I’m also not going to be fake. There just needs to be a balance, I suppose. So I’ll ask this to those of you who have blogs: Do you always try to stay positive in your posts or do you “tell it like it is?”

And in retrospect, I know that compared to a lot of people, my day was not so bad. And only one thing that happened was a really big deal, the other stuff was just a bunch of small things that snow balled together. And the big thing… well, I can kind of look at it as I can choose to let it get me down or I can choose to overcome it. See, I ran into someone today from my past, someone who impacted my life in a major way but hurt me in the end. And so I saw this person and they saw me… and then looked away as if I was nothing more than some stranger. And it hurt, a lot. But you know what? Allowing myself to get upset about it and let it bother me, well that’s giving them power. I am better than that. I can overcome it and I can overcome this negative thoughts. (by the way, the blogger over at The Empty Nut Jar wrote an amazing post somewhat related to this and positive thinking) And as much as I don’t want to hear it sometimes, if we change our attitude and our reactions to things that happen, it will make such a difference, no matter what the situation. So I am moving on… I refuse to waste another moment, another thought, on something that I cannot control.

Anyways, I ask that you bear with me in this post because my eats are all over the place…

First, I skipped my night class tonight.. :/ Shame on me, I know. I don’t usually skip classes but I just could not go tonight. Oh well. In the grand scheme of things, one skipped class won’t kill me. So I went to the grocery store after work and I got some really fun stuff!! I’m excited to try some new things out that I’ve been meaning to for a while, so expect to see some interesting things on the blog in the near future 🙂

I really had no idea what I wanted to eat for dinner. I was starving but nothing looked appealing. Don’t you hate it when that happens?! I stood with the fridge door open for a good ten minutes before I decided on breakfast.

I made 3 egg whites and some grits (with some butta!)


Along with a piece of whole wheat toast with jam.. and a little more butter 🙂


But then I took one bite of the eggs and grits and knew that I didn’t want it. My old self would’ve eaten it anyway, all the while thinking about how much I didn’t want it. But I decided I didn’t want to waste my dinner on something I really didn’t want so I made what I was craving… pumpkin yogurt and an apple! (sorry, no picture) But I also ate the toast.

And then…. I wanted something salty after that. Have you heard of the brand Food Should Taste Good? If you haven’t, oh boy. They make these chips, they are technically tortilla chips, but they are sweet potato. OMG. OMG. I’m usually not a chip person but these are incredible. And addictive. I probably ate 2 servings right out the bag. It’s the combination of the sweet/salty.. gets me every time. But if you haven’t had them, look for them… I promise you won’t be disappointed 🙂 What is a snack that you just can’t stop eating once you start?

And finally I had something that I have been waiting a long time for… Oh She Glo’s Adore Bar. If you read my blog, you know that I have a love affair with Glo Bars; it’s a happy relationship 🙂 . Hey, don’t judge…But these Adore Bars.. oh dear… I feel an addiction coming on. They are incredible. They are “roasted marshmallow s’mores with homemade graham crackers.” Can you say the most delicious granola bar on the face of the earth? Because they are. And I’m going to be doing a full review of Glo Bars soon (I’m in the process of working on my reviews page).

But I digress.. I had half of one of these bars for dessert. The wait was so very worth it 🙂


So, Whittle My Middle II is technically over. I loved it. I love doing work on my abs and core (I’m an odd one, I know) and so I didn’t think that it would be much of a challenge. Boy, was I wrong. The plank ups were killer. I mean killer. But I felt SO accomplished because I started out only being able to do 2 sets up 10 reps but I worked up to 2 sets of 15 reps. Major accomplishment!! All of the moves were easy to do and the whole routine took only 10-20 minutes, depending how many reps and sets you do and if you take breaks. And I could really see the results! I did not measure or take pictures but I can still tell that there is more definition and my core is much stronger than it was before. I plan on keeping the exercises in this routine a part of my daily routine, with added core workouts at least once a week. Having a strong core is very important for everyone. It helps to prevent back pain and it makes doing things like running and cycling much easier and better on the body if you have a strong core to support you. So, to wrap it up, I really enjoyed WMM2. I did not participate in the the 1st Whittle My Middle but I think I may go back and do that portion of the challenge in February.

And I will leave you with my 3 positive things from today:

  1. Glo Bars!!!!
  2. I had a great day at work and my kids really cheered me up
  3. I have the best friends in the world who are always there for me 🙂

Have a fantastic night!!!