I’m so thrilled about the positive reactions for my February Challenge!!! How’s it going for everyone so far? It’s slightly ironic that I decided to do this challenge because today has been the day from… well, you know. Honestly, it’s like one thing after another has hit me today. BUT i’m trying to stay positive. I really, really am. But I’m not going to lie, I’ll be honest here, I’m having a very hard time.  Right now, I would like to go back to bed and pretend this day never happened. But you have to move on and keep going, right? And I do have a fun package arriving in the mail today, which I am super excited about!!

So last night… we ended up not being able to eat sushi because the place we went to had a line out the door (which has never, ever happened before) because apparently they only had one chef last night. And it was already late and we were starving so we decided to go somewhere else and the nearest place was… [insert un-named restaurant chain here]. Honestly, it was probably one of the worst meals I have ever had in my life (hence me leaving it un-named). I ordered grilled chicken in a garlic-herb sauce with a side of fresh veggies and roasted potatoes. Sounds yummy, right? Um… wrong. You know the nasty rubbery chicken and the funny smelling sauce that it is kind of jelly-like in diet frozen dinner meals? Yeah.. it was like that.. but worse. Honestly. Well, to be fair, the “fresh veggies” was steamed broccoli and that part was good. But when some steamed broccoli is the best thing on the plate… you have a problem. I ate some of it but not much. And before you ask why I didn’t send it back, I’m not one to make a scene in a restaurant. So… yeah. So you didn’t miss anything with the pictures 🙂

Let’s move on to some positives, shall we?

Breakfast was overnight oats, which were fantastic, as usual. Honestly, if you have never tried overnight oats… give them a try! I know it sounds weird at first but it’s so good, like nothing else. And so simple and convenient. I usually eat them on tues/thurs mornings because I have early classes and it takes all of 3 minutes to add the banana, almond butter, etc. and make my coffee.


This batch was the usual 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup milk, 1/3 cup yogurt, cinnamon, and Agave all soaked overnight. I added 1/2 banana, a splash of milk (I like mine runny), blueberries, and almond butter (forgot to add more cinnamon on the top!).


I came home to eat lunch and all I wanted was a big plate of veggies. We were out of lettuce so a salad was a  no-go. I apologize as this is kind of what I had yesterday.

This is broccoli, baby carrots, and tomatoes with light ranch dressing for dipping.


There’s something about ranch dressing that is comforting to me… I don’t eat it often but sometimes I get in moods where I can’t get enough ranch. Anyone feel me on that?

I also had what was left in the box of crackers (which, by the way, these are really good and I’m gong to be doing a review on soon) with 2 slices deli turkey and 1 slice pepper jack cheese that I rolled up and held in place with toothpicks (not the most attractive thing but hey, it worked).


I also had an un-pictured apple.

Now I am off to work and I am hoping that some time with my kiddies can cheer me up a little. Have a great afternoon!

"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind,not with it."-Henry Ford