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Almost to the weekend, that is!

I know everyone always hates Mondays but I have to say, Tuesdays are the worst for me. It’s my longest day of classes and I’m on the go from 9:25 A.M to 8:40 P.M. from classes to work and then back to classes. And tonight I had a test in my night class and then class after. Suffice it to say, I’m beat! But good news, only two more days until the weekend for me (since mine starts on Thurs this week 🙂 )!!! And while I have a test on Thursday that I really have to study my behind off for tomorrow (we had a practice test today and I made a 75… with the help of my notes…which I will not have the assistance of on Thursday… meh…), I’m still glad today is over!!!!

On to today’s eats… breakfast this morning was… interesting.

First, this lovely Valentine’s related bowl that I discovered at Target.. isn’t it pretty?


The oats themselves were fantastic. It had the usual combo of late (1/2 cup oat bran, 1 1/4 cups of water, 1/4 cup milk, 1/2 banana, pinch of salt, pinch of cinnamon, almond butter, blueberries, and sprinkle of more cinnamon and raw sugar), which was delicious. But notice anything strange/unusual/really cool?


The nut butter looks like a heart!!! Guys… I swear on my LIFE that I did not do this on purpose!!! I was taking pictures of the oats all half asleep and what not as I usually am at this time of the day and I noticed that it looked JUST like a heart! I thought it was too cool/coincidental/CRAZY considering the hearts on the bowl and V-Day coming up. How cool is that?! Now, c’mon…



Lunch was a little less exciting but yummy nonetheless. I had a Pumpkin Pie SIAB (smoothie in a bowl) a la Kath and May with a little green monster action. I used to have green monsters all of the time (which is a smoothie with some form of a leafy green, usually spinach or kale) because they are incredibly delicious and such an easy way to get your greens in! But i’ve been eyeing these SIAB’s for a while now and thought I would give it a go today. Verdict? It was a success!!!


This bowl of green goodness contained:

  • 1-2 cups baby spinach, raw
  • 1/2 cup nonfat Greek Yogurt
  • 1/4 cup +/- milk
  • 1/2 cup +/- canned pure pumpkin
  • huge pinch of pumpkin pie spice
  • 1/2 a very ripe banana
  • stevia in the raw
  • 1/2 cup crushed ice
  • topped with 1/4 cup granola

You pour it all into your blender (well I mix the all the ingredients except the ice and granola first and then add the ice and mix more) and mix until everything is all well-combined and there are no chunks of spinach, banana, or ice. Because of the yogurt and ice (and the banana helps), it turns out SUPER thick. Then top with the granola, and enjoy!!!


Yes, I know, it’s not THE most attractive thing in the entire world. But it is SO GOOD!!! I make green monster variations almost every day in the summer. They really keep you full (especially if you add protein powder) and give you tons and tons and tons of vitamins and minerals. And I promise, you cannot taste the spinach!!! If you are a first timer, try the combo of a little spinach, banana, milk, yogurt, ice, and sweetener to begin. Start by adding just a tiny amount of greens and work your way up.

I also had an apple.



Before class tonight I had some grapes and a super-charge me cookie (no picture).


I came home to a dinner of a sweet potato with butter and a tad bit of brown sugar and roast chicken.


It was delicious. No, it was not very big nor contained any greens but it was 9:00 before I ate, which is super late for me, and I have been having stomach issues all day so not incredibly hungry. I may have a snack later.


You know, I really have to say that I admire bloggers who blog 3X a day. On days like this, it’s just not possible for me. But more power to those of you who can!!! What is your blogging style? Are you once-a-dayer, twice a day, three times a day?


So today, I am thankful…

  1. My test tonight went WAY better than I expected it to go!
  2. No class tomorrow!
  3. I had a good day at work.


And now, I must go veg out in front of the TV as I’m beyond the point of exhaustion. P.S., anyone see The Bachelor last night? I am NOT happy. 😦 I think I may boycott that show if what I think will happen happens…


"The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."
– Winston Churchill