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So I’ve recently begun to ponder forgiveness. Now, I try not to hold grudges (though it’s hard) and I believe that a lot of times, forgiveness is more for you than for the person who you are forgiving. You know what I mean? It only hurts you to hold on to those bad feelings. Well, there is this person that has done me wrong, if you will, several times. But I keep forgiving them, which is not the problem. The problem is that I’m wondering if I let them off too easy. I’m the kind of person that hates to hurt other people’s feelings. So even though I have been super angry at said person for a long time and I had planned all this stuff that I wanted to say, this person simply apologized to me last night and I said stuff like “oh, don’t worry about it", “no big deal,” “I understand,” etc. When in reality, it was a big deal and it hurt me a lot, but I just can’t bear to hurt this person’s feelings, no matter what they did to me. Do you know what I mean? If someone asks for forgiveness that did something really bad to you, do you let them off easily or do think it’s best to tell them how you truly feel no matter what?


Onto the eats. I had overnight oats this morning that were quite good, if I do say so myself.


I mixed 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup yogurt, 1/3 cup milk, cinnamon, pinch of salt, and stevia last night. I added a splash of milk, 1/2 banana, Chia seeds, blueberries, and peanut butter this morning.


Yum.. I tried to make Kath’s peanut butter sauce by mixing 1 tbsp peanut butter and 1 tbsp milk and microwaving it but it didn’t work. Not sure what I did wrong… it had a weird texture and it kinda clumped up in the oats but it tasted delicious.



For lunch I had one incredible bagel sammie. I found these light Sara Lee whole wheat bagels yesterday. As a carbaholic, it was love at first sight.


I toasted one up and then added turkey and raw cheddar and melted it all under the broiler.


Look at that cheesy melty goodness…




I also had some baby carrots and broccoli dipped in light ranch.


Ranch +  veggies = awesome.



And an apple.



I am going to be out tonight and away from the blog but I thought I would leave you with an interesting post related to NEDA week. Remember the list of Ways to Love Your Body? (As if you could forget when I mention it all the time hehe) I really loved #4, create a list of people you admire:  people who have contributed to your life, your community, or the world.  Consider whether their appearance was important to their success and accomplishments. So I thought… hmm.. why not? This could be fun! And it was. But it was also eye opening, i’ll tell you.

People who I admire and/or who changed my life:

  1. My Great-Grandmother – My great-grandmother is truly the person that I admire the most. She is also the best cook that I have ever known. Oh what I would give for one of her homemade biscuits hot from the oven with butter and some of her fresh strawberry preserves… I always called her Grandma and she was my mom’s dad’s mother. She did pass away when I was around 12 but I look at it as 12 years that I HAD with her and learned from her and loved with her. Some of my earliest memories are making homemade buttermilk biscuits by her side and having to kneel in a chair because I was too short to reach the countertop. She was a true Southern woman… she was born and raised on a farm and lived like that her entire life. She worked from dawn until dusk, and worked hard. She cooked her family a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner, gardened, canned food grown in her own fields, you name it, she did it. She was the hardest worker that I have ever known. And I will tell you, never once did she complain. Not once. Say what you will about fried foods and southern cooking, she lived until she was about 98 years old, and healthy all the while, and worked hard up until the day she died. She is who taught me how to cook and planted a love of cooking and good food in me. She showed me the joy you get from cooking food and having people enjoy it. I can only hope to be half the woman she was.
  2. My Mom – Everyone always says that your mom will be your best friend when you get older but I never believed them. Until now. My mom is awesome. For most of my childhood, she was a single mother and she had it hard. But she supported me, loved me, taught me well, no matter what. She worked her butt off working to have enough money for us and so I grew up knowing that money did not “grow on trees.” While things got better when I got older, I still admire all that she did. I would not be here now if not for her. I took her for granted for a long time but let’s be real, mothers are amazing.
  3. My Grandmother – This was my mom’s mom. Don’t laugh but I actually called her “Gan” – it was kind of a mixture of the words Grandma and her actual name, Gail. We lost her to cancer in 2001 but I will never forget her. I only found out after she died that she had an eating disorder, she was bulimic. I remember as a child that she would throw up after she ate but she told me it was a medical condition and that she couldn’t help it. Of course I didn’t even know what an eating disorder was at the time. And no one in my family knew. We didn’t find out the truth until she was hospitalized with cancer and the doctors told us. She was always really thin but we thought that’s just the way she was. She threw up after every meal for 30+ years. Can you even imagine?! Torturing yourself over food for that long!? It amazes me how she did it, emotionally. I loved her more than anything and I never even realized. She was a strong woman… but everyone has their weaknesses. I still admire her and I will always cherish my memories of her. She taught me so much, so very much.
  4. Paula Deen – Ok no, she did not change my life. But I admire her a lot. She literally went from having nothing to what she is now. She worked her behind off to make it. Regardless of how you feel about her cooking, read her memoir. It is truly amazing.

Ok, I could really list more people that I admire. But notice, my admiration for none of these people have anything to do with their looks, with their body weight. They are/were amazing women and it has zero to do with appearance.

Who do you admire? Who has impacted you?

Today I am thankful…

  1. That I have faith that everything happens for a reason. If I didn’t, life would be that much harder.
  2. My family.
  3. Chia seeds and peanut butter. Chia seeds make for the fluffiest, yes fluffiest, yogurt. And peanut butter… I love my almond butter but sometimes nothing but peanut butter hits the spot.


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