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And it’s once again the end of another weekend.. ah well. It was a gorgeous day here in South Carolina! I think everyone is having some great weather lately!

Thank you to all of you who offered advice about whether or not to test out the stat bike. I am going to take the advice of the majority who suggested that I not push it just yet. I mean, if I have waited this long, a little bit more is not going to kill me. And if I did something that worsened my injury.. well, I would never let myself live it down. So wait, I shall, to hear what my doctor says on Wednesday.

Now, I am going to jump straight to the eats because I have something else afterwards…

Breakfast was epic. I am talking, epic EPIC. Wheat berries… oh, I love you. Why did I wait so long to try you? They totally MADE my morning oats.


This was the usual whipped banana oats base that I topped with wheat berries, blueberries, and almond butter.


Freaking. Awesome. And don’t you love the baby spoon? Thank you again, World Market. 🙂


The chewyness and the taste of the wheat berries just added a whole new depth of flavor to this bowl. I am really finding that a variety of textures can really take a dish from good to extraordinary!


Lunch was a yogurt bowl of sorts that included Nature’s Path Mighty Maple Cereal.


And a peach, also from Whole Foods.


And of course, no yogurt bowl is complete without the yogurt… this being Fage 0%.


I made a Starbucks run this afternoon because I was in dire need of some caffeine and a little treat. I had a small nonfat iced caramel macchiato. AKA, my favorite Starbucks beverage 😀

photo (39)

It’s been too long!

I also had a handful of almonds to tide me over around 4:00, as we had a death in the distant family this past weekend and the receiving friends was tonight.

After that, I came home and threw together a quick and easy, but delicious, dinner, that included a new Amy’s veggie burger… well, new to me.


The sandwich had the veggie burger (obviously), Monterey jack cheese, and baby spinach on Publix’s multigrain bread.


YUM! I’m having some serious cravings for veggie burgers lately… not sure why.


I also had a side salad that had lettuce, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, light ranch, and croutons.



And then dessert… I saw something like this on Gabriela’s blog the other night and I decided to try it, with a twist!


I cored and sliced an apple into 4 sections, microwaved for about 4 minutes, topped with cinnamon, caramel oikos, and PB & Co.’s Mighty Maple.


HOLY cow. Yum yum yum… this was a goooooood idea! (thank you Gabriela!!) The hot apple melted the caramel yogurt and the peanut butter… food heaven.

By the way, I noticed (ok, I saw and freaked out) that my Mighty Maple expires on March 18th! Ah!!!! And I have a little over half of a jar!!! How long would you guess peanut butter is safe to eat in the fridge past the expiration date? I mean, I have a LOT of jars open so it takes me a while to get through one… especially on days where I just use it in my morning oats. Suggestions?!


Ok, so now I have a problem that I thought I would share with you guys. I really need some advice and I apologize in advance if this is lengthy. This has been bothering me for some time and it’s just time that I make a decision.

So, as some of you may or may not know, I am a senior at a local college, majoring in business. I was in the early childhood program and was about to student teach when I decided that teaching was not for me and switched to business last November (so this is my first semester of business classes). I switched to business because it was the only logical choice – I figured that I could easily find a job with the degree and it was the only degree offered (besides like english, math, history, etc.). Notice that I did not switch to business for a love of business… I actually do not enjoy it. I don’t hate it but I’m not loving it. I don’t think I could spend the rest of my life doing it. And I don’t regret getting out of education because I’m not good at teaching and I do not enjoy it either, BUT I adore kids. Especially babies and toddlers. So ideally, I would either do something with that age group of children or go to culinary school/open my own cake business/work making pastries/baked goods, etc. Problem is, my school does not offer anything relating to either of those things. You can do early childhood but it’s more focused on teaching rather than infants/toddlers. So.. my choices are as follows…

  1. Stay where I am and finish with the business degree and go from there.
  2. Transfer to a local technical college and either take the culinary classes or
  3. Transfer to a local technical college and take the infant/toddler program (as it involves working with children but not teaching, per say).

Problem with transferring is that I’m at a 4 year college and if I transfer to a technical college, I would only end up with an associate’s degree rather than a bachelor’s degree. At this point, I am really not worried about when I graduate – I just want to end up doing something that I love. I just have to go somewhere that is within driving distance of my home because I cannot afford to live away from home at this point. And I don’t want to spend another semester doing business if that’s not what I want to do, I don’t want to waste the money and the time. But then, even if I got a culinary degree of some sort, I have no idea what I would do with it. That’s truly my passion and I’d love to do something with it… but I don’t know what.

This is freaking me out because I’m not used to having my life up in the air. It seems like everyone else knows what they want to do with their career, and they are happily going after it. While I’m just kind of… floating. No idea where I’m going, no direction. And I don’t like it. If only I could get paid to blog, THEN I’d be set! Ha.

Decisions, decisions. I do not know what to do. My mind is going completely crazy right now. Any advice, thoughts? Would be greatly appreciated!


I hope everyone has a great night! Sorry for the slightly debbie downer attitude… I promise I’ll be back to normal self tomorrow!