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First, the giveaway is now officially over!! I will be picking a winner tomorrow and announcing in tomorrow’s post. Thank you to all of you who participated!!! 😀


I am excited to report that the meeting went extremely well 🙂 and so I have a BIG announcement for you guys!!! I am going to culinary school!!!!

Eventually 😉 Either in January of 2011 or August of 2011. Obviously, I figured out a solution to my school dilemma. Everything just fell into place, absolutely perfectly. I know that not everyone is a Christian or believes in God but I do, as I’ve said before. My faith is incredibly important to me. And so I have been praying about this – but I’ve been praying for God’s will, that if going to culinary school is what I’m meant to do then show me. And he did. It is amazing how things work out sometimes, I have to say. The solution? I’m transferring to Spartanburg Community College (which is a 2 year school) and I’ll be starting classes in August. I have all of the classes that I need to graduate but you have to take 25% of your classes at that school to graduate with a degree. I will then graduate in one semester (December of 2010) with an Associate’s Degree in Arts. And then I will be going to the Culinary Institute of the Carolinas in either January of 2011 or August of 2011. For those of you who don’t know, this is a dream come true for me. Seriously. Well, ok my final goal is to open a bakery and/or make cakes/wedding cakes but this is a HUGE step towards that. Guys, I am SO excited!!!! For the first time in my life, I am where I want to be.

My reasoning behind this decision? If I stayed at the school I am at majoring in Business, I would not be graduating for 2 years at the least. Many people said that I could go to culinary school after I graduate but really, I know that the chances of me going back to school after that are pretty slim. I mean, those of you with 9 to 5 jobs, married, have kids, do you really feel like going to school after a long day? No. And I currently have a 3.9 GPA, I’ve always made A’s and B’s but this semester in business, I’m barely squeaking by with a C in my classes. This is not me. I study my butt off but I just don’t understand it. I’m not cut out for business and my grades reflect that. And I am NOT happy. In fact, I’ve been pretty miserable with school. I don’t mind hard work, at all, but working hard at something and STILL not getting anywhere and not being happy with what you are doing, well, there’s just no point in that. So I have withdrew from my classes, as of today. I can still get some money back at this point, taking these classes is pointless because it won’t go towards my degree, they will bring my GPA way down, I’m transferring schools, and I’m miserable with my classes.

I know that many of you probably think I’m crazy. But think about it… if you were handed the opportunity to make your highest dream come true, would you not take it? I would actually be crazy not to take it. For the first time in a LONG time, I am happy. I feel like I am on the right path… finally!!!! After almost 4 years of the wrong majors, of doing things because I thought I “should” and ignoring what would actually make me HAPPY, in my heart, I know that I’m doing the right thing. Suprisingly, everyone I have told so far is SUPER happy for me, extremely supportive, and not surprised at all. I think that everyone close to me knew that I was unhappy with business. Everyone has always told me that I needed to go to culinary school but I was too scared. But you know what? Life is too short to be scared! It is too short to NOT pursue your dreams, especially when you are young and single. But it’s never too late!! Do I wish I would’ve gone straight to culinary school after high school instead of spending these 4 years doing the wrong things? Yes. But I have learned a lot. A LOT. And I will have an associate’s degree so it’s not like the last 4 years of my life have been wasted.

I’m going to be doing what I love. I am EXCITED about life. I’m ready to go out there and conquer the world… well it feels like it 😉 This has been one of the best days of my life. And you know what? If I never had this injury, I’m not sure that I would be doing this. I don’t think I would’ve realized how precious life is and how much I take for granted. And that if I find something that I love, well, I need to do it.

So I’m now free from school until August but I’m still working and as I have 2 jobs (the other one is seasonal and starts in April), I’m still going to be busy eventually. It is slightly strange though because I’m SO used to doing homework all of the time. I haven’t had just “me” time (before this week) in FOREVER. School has consumed my life for 4 years. I never was one of those people who took a semester off and you know… I think I need it. I think I need this time to get myself together, to work on healing from this injury and recovering. I also want to work on my baking and decorating skills. Because of school, I haven’t done these things in FOREVER.  So I am not wasting this time that I have, I am making the most of it. Really, you have no idea how happy I am right now. It feels like I’m on the threshold of something BIG. That my life is about change, in a big way. If I have learned anything through all of this it is that life is way too short to be unhappy. Sometimes what makes you happy is risky and scary but you just have to have faith and go for it!


And I apologize for not getting around to the blog reading tonight or have responded to any of your awesome comments yet but I just got home from a make-up party with one of my friends and it’s pretty late – but I will be around tomorrow 🙂 Anywho, ever been to a make-up party? I totally ended up pending money that I did NOT need to *le sigh* BUT the products are awesome. And I’m throwing my own party in a few weeks 🙂 Which allows me to get some free stuff! Yay for free make-up!! But I had a blast! The girl who was throwing it was actually someone I went to high school with and haven’t seen in gosh… 6 years? We did not… um click… in high school but she is SUPER sweet now and it’s so awesome to make new (old) friends. But everyone was asking me what I was doing in school and it was SO exciting to say that I’m going to culinary school!!! And everyone thought it was fabulous and exciting!! 😀 Yay! I also have something else to discuss in relation this party but I’ll save that for tomorrow…


Today’s eats were not nearly exciting as my  news so I shall go through them fairly quickly.

Breakfast was Banana Whammy Oats (yes, I have named these oats 🙂 ).


I topped my usual base of whipped banana oats with 1/4 of a banana, chia seeds, flax seeds, cinnamon, and raw sugar.


Warm bananas rock 😀 I always forget how good bananas are ON oats, not just in them.


On my way to my meeting (which was with Spartanburg Community), I downed this shot of Sencha Green Tea. Honestly, the taste wasn’t that good but it’s one of those things that you drink/eat because it’s so good for you. And I have to say, it actually made me feel great! I would buy again!


Lunch was a yogurt mess. It’s a fairly light lunch because I honestly wasn’t that hungry but had to eat something before work.


I had a delicious yogurt mix composed of 4 layers: an apple chopped up, TJ’s European yogurt, Plain Kefir, and TJ’s Pumpkin Granola.


This thing rocked. And the granola…out. of. this. world!!!!


After work I had a slice of the Irish Soda Bread with some Crofter’s.


For dinner, we went to Sonic. Now, I’m not a big fan of fast food, it just makes me feel yucky. So I did the best I could under the circumstances and I had prepared myself by eating the snack earlier. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. The plus: It came on whole wheat bread. The minus: there may have been a pound of mayo on that thing. Blech. I honestly don’t mind the taste of mayo but I just don’t like it, you know? For sure one of ED fear foods. But by the time I got it, I hated to send it back. So I hate half. MAJOR accomplishment for me because of the mayo.

After the party I came home and made myself my version of a “caramel apple.”


One microwaved apple with cinnamon, topped with Mighty Maple PB, topped with a Caramel Oikos. YUM!!!!! Seriously tastes like a caramel apple…

I mixed it all up after the picture 🙂

And I just realized that today was seriously lacking in the veggie department… ah well.


I am thankful today for..

  1. Getting OUT of business and going to culinary school!!!! 😀
  2. Being brave enough to do the above
  3. My God
  4. My parents

And on that note, I will wish you good night my dears!! 😀 I hope everyone also had a fabulous day. Remember, dreams DO come true!


“Life is a constant journey and we may not always know where it is we are going

or indeed where it is we truly want to go…

But, be present and listen to the heart; follow true dreams and be ready for anything.

Sometimes even when we feel we are going the wrong way

we end up in places we never dreamed or believed possible!!

Because, when we hold onto our true self;

we will never truly lose our way.”