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Sooo thank you a million times for all of the encouragement and support about the swimming!!! And I took the plunge (haha get it?) and went for it. I figured I might as well try, you know? And if it hurt… well I’d go from there.

First of all, to all you swimmers out there, you rock. Swimming is hardcore. I had no idea how hard it was. But now I know. And I know how lacking my swimming skills ARE. BUT… I’m in love it!!! Absolute love. I couldn’t help but compare myself to others who were swimming and you know what? I looked pretty pathetic. I pretty much was doggie-paddling. I know how to not drown, basically, and to get from one place to another. Very slowly. With much effort. I know that if I knew the proper technique, it wouldn’t be near as hard. I ended up swimming in my lane from one side to the other 4 times and I was exhausted. So I guess I only swam for a total of maybe 10 minutes? I would appreciate any and all tips/techniques for first time swimmers!! It did not hurt my injury one bit… while I was swimming. After leaving the gym, the pain/soreness sank in. I initially freaked out and though holy crap what have I done… but then I slapped myself out of it and decided to ice the area to see if that would help. And it did. I iced my hip area and then took a hot bath. MUCH better. It took away 90% of the pain, at least temporarily. I now feel the same as before I swam this morning except I have a little more soreness in my groin area. But this tells me, now correct me if I’m wrong, that since the ice and heat helped, it was more of a muscular soreness than pain from the actual bones. Am I right in this, anyone know? Ok, well I am feeling a good bit more soreness in my groin area. It’s not like sharp pangs but I can definitely feel it. And usually before when I over-did it I would feel it my hip area, not this area. So I’m not sure what in the world that means…

I also did some weights with the machines (my doctor okayed this). This was also the first time that I actually used weight lifting machines and I also am loving this. I have 8 pound hand weights but this was so much more challenging. Even though I don’t really have much of a clue what I’m doing, I followed the instructions on the machines and did ok with it. I got the hang of it. And I’m very excited to see the results of this!! I also did a few crunches on a medicine ball and 4 minutes of elliptical (my doctor also said this was okay to try out but I think it’s a bit early for this). My doctor suggested that I increase activity by 10% every two weeks so I’m going to stick to going Monday, Wednesday, Friday and do upper body strength training and the swimming, assuming nothing changes.

I also have to say that I really like the YMCA, actually more than my own gym. It has TONS of fun classes that I’m excited to try in the future (body pump, pilates, yoga, spinning, zumba) and his huge. Plus, obviously the pool is a plus. They have so many different rooms and areas that one area is never overly crowded. And they have a women’s center within the gym that has lockers, private showers, some cardio machines, and some weight lifting machines. I did the weight lifting in that room because I was either alone or just with 1 other woman the entire time and it was not nearly as intimidating without all the big buff men around. So overall, this gym offers much more. BUT it’s way more inconvenient, about 20 minutes away from my home and the other one was about 5-10 minutes. But it’s worth it. And I called my other gym today and explained about my stress fracture and they were very kind to freeze my gym membership for 3 months (thank you so much to the reader who suggested it!!!!) so that also made my day.

And one more thing… while I was having the freak out from above after the initial pain, I called my doctor to request another MRI. The insurance company may or may not approve it but if they do, I should find out when it will be sometime next week. So even though the pain got better and I calmed down, I still want an MRI just to be sure and to see where I am. I will feel SO much better, either way. I’m loving this newfound freedom to exercise but I just want to make sure that I’m doing the best thing for my body.


I started my day off with some apple pie oats… sort of.


I made my usual base of whipped banana oats and added 1/2 of an apple and some whipped cottage cheese at the end. And lots of apple pie spice.

With a drizzle of TJ’s creamy salted almond butter – or what I like to refer to as one of my crack-butters. Yum yum… maybe not exactly like apple but darn good anyway.



Just for the record, I then had 1/4 of the same Cliff Bar I had yesterday before working out.

I came home from the gym STARVING (darn you traffic that made my drive a lot longer) so I threw together the quickest thing I could think of.


I scrambled up 3 egg whites and put in an Ezekial Cinnamon Raison English Muffin with some Crofter’s spread.


This combination is INSANELY good, FYI.

I also had a salad of romaine, strawberries, pineapple, broccoli, and TJ’s poppyseed dressing to get in some veggies.


Ok so not THE most veggie filled salad but delicious nonetheless.


I had a Nature’s Path Thin Mint cookie for dessert 🙂


I then went out with my mom and my great aunt (mom’s make the best dates) to dinner and a movie (movie review coming tomorrow). We decided to go to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. I usually get grilled chicken or salmon but I wasn’t starving hungry so I decided to branch out and get the Ahi Tuna appetizer as my entree.

But I started with some of their delicious honey wheat bread with some buttah

photo (50)

Times two… 😀

And a glass of Strawberry/Peach Sangria. YUMMY!

photo (51)

And a side salad that had lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, croutons, and carrots. With some honey mustard on the side.

photo (52)

And then the seared Ahi Tuna. The dipping sauces were a soy sauce type sauce that was slightly sweet and then a wasabi sauce that was also delicious, and not too spicy. All I can say is… YUM!!!! Filled me up perfectly and it was absolutely delicious.

photo (49)

At the movies, I also may or may not have had some chocolate covered cookie dough bites 🙂

And I just had some Publix fat free coconut yogurt with some coconut Kefir and a sprinkle of Cheerios.


I apologize if I haven’t gotten around to all my favorite bloggies lately, I’ve been busy!!  I hope you are all doing well and I WILL get around to you all of you very very soon! I have a very fun day planned tomorrow with a friend that involves a tidge bit of hiking and a gorgeous waterfall. Enjoy your weekend my lovelies!!! 😀