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Happy first day of Spring!!! And how has your day been? I have had an absolutely fantastic day! I think it’s the weather… spring just makes me happy! It was gorgeous here in SC today with highs around 75 degrees – I wore shorts and flip flops!! Oh the simple joys of life…

On the injury front, (if you’re  not sick of hearing about it by now) it was feeling fabulous this morning. I iced it my hip area that was sore yesterday while eating breakfast and it helped a lot. I was in the car most of the day (more on that in minute) and it got sore at the end of car ride but I think it was from not moving. I think my body is slightly confused after finally doing something active yesterday and then resting a lot today. So I then iced it again around 5:00 and it helped. Does anyone know if this means that it’s a muscle pain and not pain from the bone since the icing helps it? [edited to add: It’s now about 9:00 and pain is back in hip bone. CRAP] I also have to add that I am SO sore, oh my gosh (in a GOOD way though). When I woke up this morning, I immediately noticed that my arms were practically screaming from the weight training that I did yesterday. OUCH. But it’s a good kind of I-worked-my-arms-good ouch, you know? Oh how I have missed that… And my legs are slightly sore from the swimming but not bad at all, which surprises me.

So what did I do most of the day? Well, I made the most of the weather and went with a friend up to see this waterfall in North Carolina called Pisgah Falls.

Best-of-Looking-Glass-Falls.jpg image by MysteryMs


It was actually supposed to be about an hour and ten minute drive BUT we got lost so it took about 2 1/2 hours. We both have no sense of direction… But it was ok because we had plenty of time to talk and the waterfall was SO worth it. The picture does not even do it justice… absolutely beautiful!!! And so was the scenery all the way up to the falls. I love the mountains 🙂 If I didn’t have my injury we would have gone hiking but we both figured with my clumsiness and whatnot, the chances of me falling and injuring myself further were too high. My friend said that he did not want to me to hurt myself “on his watch” haha. All in all, it was a perfect way to spend the day!


Now my eats for today… let me forewarn you that I have been a bottomless pit today. I almost cannot get full. I think it’s from the weight training yesterday and the fact that I did something even slightly active for the first time in… months! And a very important lesson that I have learned throughout this journey is to listen to your body. So I did.

I started my day off with a fortifying bowl of OIAYC (Oats In A Yogurt Container) that was the BOMB.


I filled an almost empty container of yogurt with a base of oat bran (1/2 cup oat bran, 1 cup water, 1/2 cup milk, pinch of salt, cinnamon) that I topped with raspberries, yogurt from the bottom of the container, and TJ’s creamy salted Almond Butter.


Oh. My. There are almost no words for how darn good this was. Seriously…


I think I had a goofy smile on my face the entire time I was eating… it was THAT good!


We stopped at Subway for lunch today. Overall, I like Subway because they offer MUCH healthier options than most fast food. And we were in the middle of nowhere so our options were extremely limited, to stay the least. We decided to split a foot-long so we each had a 6 inch sub. It had turkey, cheese, lettuce, and… mayo. The mayo issue strikes yet again. But honestly, I was too the point of so hungry you could eat your arm so I pretty much inhaled my half, mayo or no mayo. And you know what? No guilt! Woohoo! (Current score – Jessica:1, ED:0)

Once back home and running some errands, I had an apple for a snack. I missed my fruit at lunch!


I then also had 1/4 of a Cliff bar (no picture) and a dried apricot.

And for dinner… well what does any sane person do on the first day of spring that just so happens to have gorgeous weather? Grill out, duh!!! And grill we did. 🙂


I had a salmon fillet that was marinated in this bourbon marinade (ok, so the Fresh Market marinated the salmon and I bought the salmon already marinated, whatever).


Yummy! As if grilled salmon isn’t flavorful enough, add some bourbon and you have a winner!


Also had a Yukon Gold Baked potato and a little butter and salt.


Some mushrooms.

And a scallop 🙂 Isn’t it cute?


I had another dried apricot after dinner. I forgot how good they are!

And then for dessert, as if you couldn’t guess, I had a yogurt mess (haha I rhymed!).


I topped a chocolate Oikos with 1/2 a crumbled chocolate chip spelt muffin that was from  Earth Fare a while back.


How I love melty chocolate, let me count the ways…


OH, I also went to the library today (and paid my $20 fine for overdue books – the reason I haven’t been to the library in forever) and got some really cool cookbooks!!’




IMG_4890 (ok this isn’t a cookbook but still interesting!)

Has anyone heard of these? I love Moosewood cookbooks so I’m dying to try something from this one!

And I received a fun package from the lovely Kate, in the form of a 1 lb. bag of Chia Seeds! Jackpot!


And I’m bringing back my thankful list because well… I need it today. I am thankful for…

  1. spring
  2. a good friend
  3. fun new recipes to try out!


Good night my dears!