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Day 2, check and check.

I’ll be straight with you guys, today was HARD. I am struggling and I am doubting. I am trying to stay strong but it’s hard when I have all this time to think. The doctor said I should be feeling better within 2-3 days and it’s been two days and I’m not. I’m having pains in my lower back on my left side (injured side) and the place where my injury is is still sore and tender. And just still having pains in general. Is this normal? Should I be seeing more progress by now?! Or am I just freaking out for no reason? Meh.

I did figure out today that rolly chair are my friends 🙂 They give me the ability to get from place to place while transporting things (a.k.a. food), which is certainly helpful. I also took a shower today and I must say… it was interesting. Very tricky. (Not that you really wanted to know that I took a shower today…) Otherwise, my day has been full of some television watching and lots and lots of blog reading. Thank you guys for the entertainment!


I did start the day off on the right foot with a yummy bowl of oats… sans raspberries today, I might add 😉


This lovely bowl has a base of oat bran (1/3 cup oat bran, 1/3 cup milk, 2/3 cup water, cinnamon, salt, 1/2 banana) that I topped with Greek Yogurt and Naturally Nutty goodness.


Mmmmm… It was nice 🙂 I just love how voluminous oat bran is and how long it takes me to eat it. Is that sad?


I was craving some fresh veggies for lunch but I nothing really stuck out to me, so I kind of just threw a bunch of stuff on top of lettuce.


The salad had:

  • lettuce
  • tomato
  • cucumber
  • avocado
  • raw sharp white Cheddar
  • leftover pineapple quinoa


With some honey mustard for dipping.


It was also delicious! The flavors just went together..


And a bowl of grapes and strawberries.


I had a snack of 1/2 cup yogurt, 1/2 tbsp or a little more of Chia seeds, TJ’s Pumpkin Granola, and 1/2 banana.


Calcium… yum yum. I wonder if my extra dairy intake is really helping in the calcium/building strong bones department?


Well it’s tasty anyway 🙂


And then I channeled my inner sushi master and made some delicious sushi… Haha I kid, I kid. I did, however, make some sushi by following the directions in the latest Foodnetwork Magazine.


It was actually not that hard!! If you have a rice cooker because you can’t manage to cook rice like a normal person… well, they work like a dream.


The rolls weren’t completely beautiful but that’s ok. The ingredients that I used were smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, and cucumber and I tried out different combinations in different rolls.


You can’t beat the salmon/cream cheese combo – YUM!!!


They tasted absolutely delicious, I have to pat myself on the back. Not really, it was pretty easy and anyone could do it!


If you like sushi, give making it at home a shot! It’s super easy!



And then for dessert I had some more yogurt, Greek this time, that I topped with 1/2 of a Vegan Blueberry Muffin from Whole Foods.


These muffins are the BOMB. Delish 🙂



So I have been getting some great questions from Ask Me Anything (keep ‘em coming!). I’ll answer one or two in every post for as long as I get them. Prepare to learn more about me than you even knew you wanted to know… 🙂

Where do you go to school??

Right now, I’m technically not in school anywhere. After I graduated from high school, I went to USC Upstate and I was there until this semester (3 1/2 years). I will be going to Spartanburg Community College in August and then on to Culinary school at Greenville Technical College.

Do you have a boyfriend??

No, I do not. I am kinda/sorta dating someone but not really at the same time. If that makes any sense. We are friends right now and are just taking it slow. After my last relationship, it’s taken me a while to be ready to be in a relationship again and learn to trust – hence the taking it slow. I always thought I’d be married by now. What was I thinking?! Life never works out as how you plan in your mind.


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Guest Posts: As my life is not going to be very exciting or eventful in the coming weeks (here’s to hoping the only eventful thing is my healing), I’d like to throw in a couple guest posts each week. SO if you would like to write one for me, please send me an e-mail (cutiekitty1788@gmail.com)! You can write about whatever you would like – recipes we should try, your story of how you got on the road to health, running, swimming, other forms of exercise you enjoy, a poem, a story, overcoming an injury or eating disorder, product reviews,  absolutely ANYTHING!!! I would really appreciate it if you would be so kind – I think it will make the blog a little more interesting 🙂


Good night my dears!! My love to you all 🙂


”The most beautiful people are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggles, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These people have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”