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Good afternoon everyone! I do hope you had a fabulous Saturday! Mine was wonderful πŸ™‚ It was nice to get a glimpse of the outside world πŸ˜‰ And now I am just chillin and watching a movie, Law Abiding Citizen (ok ok I’m just watching it for Gerard Butler.. he), with the parentals and enjoying some fro-yo, talk about a crazy Saturday night! I have eaten some delicious things today but I’ll share with you tomorrow as I have a very fun guest post to share from one of my dear friends and the sweetest girl from Britain that I know, Freya! Enjoy! And I hope you all have a fabulous Easter!


Hello! Yet another guest post πŸ˜› I’m Freya from Brit Chick Runs, which basically explains my post theme! I thought I’d do a USA vs the UK post, and see which one comes out top. I think I can be pretty fair here too – I love the USA and hope to study there next year, but I’m also very much a British girl at heart πŸ™‚

So, where to begin!?
For starters, you lucky folk in the US have amazing nut butters – I’m talking cinnamon vanilla peanut butter, maple syrup peanut butter, dark chocolate peanut butter, cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter, white chocolate peanut butter, honey peanut butter, Nuttzo….need I go on? Here in the UK, we have…..crunchy and smooth. Oh and let’s not forget – we even have cheap store brand peanut butter, which is just as delicious as it sounds (er..no.). OK, I’m not being strictly fair here – after a long, long search online, I did find some chocolate chip peanut butter. But seriously, that’s it. It sucks! I think this is a very definite case of USA – 1, UK – 0.

I feel I need to big up the UK now – how about our chocolate? I’ve heard on the grapevine that we are quite spoilt for choice over here in regards to good quality chocolate. Actually, I’ve just got that info from that one Friends episode where they all go to London, and Joey is obsessed with Toblerone, which he seemed to only be able to get hold of in the UK!! No doubt Toblerone has emigrated by now though…But, we do have Green & Black’s, Whispas, Kit Kats, Cadbury’s – I believe these things all at least began in the UK!? Please don’t correct me if I’m wrong, it’d be nice for Britain to have something decent πŸ™‚ So, USA – 1, UK – 1.

Enough about butter and chocolate now though – I think I just have to compare fast food. The US has Wendy’s, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Burger King…yeah, we have a lot of them too. BUT the USA has SUPERSIZE portions of everything! I learnt this after watching that film Supersize Me – my goodness was some of that food giant!! We just don’t have that over here, which is probably a good thing for our waistlines and bank balances (though I think the fish and chips and roast dinners that Britain so loves kinda make up for this!). From my corner then, our smaller portions mean the UK has just about taken the lead now πŸ˜€ USA – 1, UK – 2.

CHEFS! I’m going to be totally, 100% biased here, cos I know zilch about US celeb chefs. But I do know that we are spoilt for choice over here – Gordon Ramsay (anyone else find him strangely attractive?!), Delia Smith (she does amazing braised cabbage), Nigella Lawson (she’s beautiful!), Sophie Dahl (ex-model!) and of course…the wonderful Jamie Oliver. I’m very proud he’s British. Yeah, he adds a bit too much olive oil to his dishes (in his Christmas show, he added – literally – a tbsp of oil to each canape…) but he is SO cute! And the impact he’s had on schools over here is pretty impressive. So much so, the USA has stolen him from us – I’m yet to see his show currently on over there, but it sounds interesting! The UK are creeping ever further ahead….USA – 1, UK – 3.
I’m going to shoot myself in the foot now though, and start giving some points back to the USA, all because of one vegetable – SQUASH! Anyone who reads my blog will know I have a slight love affair with squash; I have it every day, for breakfast, lunch or dinner (cook it into oatmeal – it’s amaze!). But finding a decent one is darn hard. The limited variety over here meant for a long time, I thought the only type that existed was butternut. Then I saw a video tutorial about spaghetti squash on Kath Eats, and I was blown away!! This started a 6month mission to find a variety different from butternut. Eventually, I discovered the joys of kabocha and crown prince, and (once) even acorn! But that elusive spaghetti squash…I’ve still never seen it here :'(. And the kabocha and crown prince varieties – well, they’re hardly common place! Sorry UK, but this is definitely a point to the US – USA – 2, UK -3.

So, it seems the UK has won!!?? No…not quite. I give you two words: Brad. Pitt. [circa 2004, not so much now – hello, Mr Beard!!??).
No one in England rivals that man. NOT A SINGLE HUMAN. USA – 4, UK – 3 (I think Brad is worth 2 points :p).

I think congrats are in order to you USA residents then!! You’ve come out superior πŸ™‚ I hope that is at least some comfort to anyone out there who is in the process of healing from their own injuries; if it doesn’t, just hobble your way over to the kitchen (without falling of your crutches and almost breaking some other bone, like your dear blog creator, Jessica :p), stare at that huge variety of peanut butter, and count yourself lucky. What I would do to be in your position!!
Happy Healing πŸ™‚