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So yes, I had my 2nd physical therapy appointment today. It was extremely interesting and I apologize in advance for rambling about it. Let me just preface by saying that I had a different therapist than my normal therapist because I normally will be going on Wednesdays and Fridays but since I’m going out of town this Friday, I had to go today instead. My usual therapist warned me that this therapist that I had today is harder than her; actually, she warned me that she was going to “kick my butt.” Well, that she did. I kid you not, she was like Jillian Michaels twin. I swear.

She started my just talking about my injury and what happened. Then she stretched me out and it felt SO DARN good!! I can’t even tell you. Amazingness. She told me that I was incredibly flexible, especially after being off of exercise for so long. And this girl who was observing (she’s going to a local college to get a degree in physical therapy) asked me if I was a cheerleader. No mam… Not that I have anything against cheerleaders but yeah.. no. Not me. And then she tested my strength and flexibility and even had me stand on one leg on my injured side. I was scared to death and she said that she could tell, it was almost as if I was afraid my body was going to break. But it didn’t. Anywho, after that she put me on this cardio machine that actually involved using my legs. I was scared about that too but it was ok, she didn’t put any resistance on it so it wasn’t that bad. And then, then, I did some strength moves. I won’t go into all that I did but let me tell you, every single part of my body is sore. Holy crap. She said that she was going to get me back into shape and yeah.. she made a dent in that little goal, let me tell you. I haven’t worked that hard since pre-injury. Not gonna lie, my injury hurts. But not as much as you would think… It didn’t hurt when I was actually doing the therapy but afterwards the pain/soreness set in. And they warned me it was going to hurt so I’m assuming it’s ok? Not sure. But I mean, they are supposed to know what they are doing. Anyways, it was really challenging. And I must say, she should just give up physical therapy and be a personal trainer because I’d sure pay her to get me into shape if I had a lot of money… I won’t normally be seeing her and I think I prefer my therapist who is calmer, quieter, older, and just easier at this point. But it was an experience, that’s for sure.

But another thing that “happened,” if you want to call it that, was that I talked to another girl who was there for physical therapy. Well actually she started off the conversation (I’m not so good at just introducing myself to a random person) but anywho, come to find out, she was born without a hip socket. They did all sorts of surgeries when she was younger but she ended up having to have a hip replacement in January and she is only 23! She said she’d been in PT for about a month but apparently hip replacements can take up to a year to heal. Can you imagine?! 23 and already had a hip replacement?! I tell you what, it sure did make me thankful for what I DO have. My injury sucks but it’s nowhere near that. I was feeling all sorry for myself and then reality just gave me a smack in the face; there are people who have it much much worse than me and I feel almost ashamed for feeling so sorry for myself.


I will warn you, my meals today were not too too exciting…

I started my day off with a bowl of yogurt, cereal, and fruit. (Is it sad that I completely forgot what I had for breakfast? I had to totally look at my camera to remember haha…)


It had Kashi GoLean Crunch..


With some juicy strawberries (as they make their way into every meal of late..)


1/2 of a banana…


Yogurt and PB & Co.’s White Chocolate Wonderful.




And then I had to go to the college I’m starting in the fall to take care of some things (which ended up being a headache but that’s another story) before PT so I had this Cliff bar as part of my lunch.

photo (58)

I apologize for the photo but I totally forgot to take a picture before I started eating it (and no I did not take this picture while driving ha). It was my first time trying this flavor and I have to say, I was slightly disappointed. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t amazing either.


And then I had a Strawberry Chocolate Smoothie when I got home.


It had:

  • strawberries
  • crushed ice
  • milk
  • 1/2 of a packet of Chocolate Amazing Meal


And then my mom made a DELICIOUS dinner!!!


This would be fresh cod coated in flour and spices and sautéed.


It was SO GOOD! It was perfectly flakey and yummy.. My mom said that it kind of fell apart as she cooked and she apologized to me because it wasn’t photogenic. I told her she was crazy of course. Who cares if it fell apart if it was delicious!


We also had green beans…


And fresh tomato slices seasoned with salt and pepper.


And fresh cantaloupe.

This is a go-to summer meal for us. So fresh and delicious!!! The semi-fried (but not really technically fried) is perfectly balanced my the lighter sides. Mmmmm…


And then I had some Breyer’s chocolate ice cream for dessert.

Annd I may or may not have had 2 more squares of Dove Dark Chocolate 🙂 He. But I just love the messages in the wrappers! It’s almost like a fortune cookie! Especially this one, which I thought really spoke to me tonight:



So tomorrow is my birthday. I’m not doing anything really exciting other than my parents are taking me out to dinner. Well I’m doing something exciting for my birthday this coming weekend but that’s another story. Anyways, I’d really like to spend the day going to Whole Foods. I know it’s not going to hurt my injury to walk around on it, it’s just going to cause me pain. So technically I could go. BUT when I’m really hurting and sore, it puts me in a really bad mood and I don’t want that on my birthday. And since I’m going to be off of my crutches this coming weekend a good bit, I figure it’s best to rest as much as I can before then. So I may just spend most of my birthday watching Season 1 of Sex and the City. Yep, totally rented it today…!


And if you are STILL hanging in to the end of this massive post, here’s something funny/just plain odd that happened today at PT. If you follow me on Twitter, you may already know this as I tweeted about it earlier. I happened to be on my cardio machine next to this man who was sitting on a table working with my therapist and 3 other college-age girls who were “observers.” Well we are all going about our business when my therapist asks the patient how his job is going and then he starts talking about his male strip club (that bats for the other team, if you know what I mean…). Now, I respect people and their personal decisions but I was NOT expecting that!! I mean, I had no idea there were even strip clubs like that around here.. it’s a SMALL town! And maybe I’m just immature but it took everything in me to keep a straight face and I noticed that the other girls my age were also shocked but trying SO hard to hide it. And the man was oblivious and just kept going on and on and on about it… talk about awkward! I mean, really… what can you even say in a situation like that?!


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Good night lovelies!! Have a fabulous Tuesday!



"There is a sense of exhilaration that comes from facing head-on the hard truths and saying, ‘We will never give up. We will never capitulate. It might take a long time, but we will find a way to prevail.’"
– Jim Collins