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Happy Thursday! Almost Friday… Yay!

I do want to clarify from yesterday’s post, I have been in pain all throughout PT. I’ve been in pain all the while I was on crutches and for the past months. In fact, I honestly can’t remember what it feels like to NOT be in pain. My doctor did say that it was going to be painful and so I know that’s normal. But the difference in the pain I was referring to from PT is that it’s sharper pain in my groin area, rather than this pain/soreness in my hip area that I’ve been having for months. And I did talk to my therapist about it and so we took it super easy with PT yesterday. In fact, it was kind of pointless to go because we did the same exercises that I for PT everyday at home. But I digress… she said that it was normal (she gave me this long-winded explanation of why involving some nerve and some muscle and something or another) but that if got worse then we should be concerned. She also said that this sometimes happens when you are pushed too far too soon with PT so she is going to back off on the intensity of things that I’m doing a bit. So at the moment, no concern.

In other medical news, I see my nutritionist next Tuesday morning (at 8 A.M… woo..). I (er, my mom) went and picked up some very detailed forms that I have to fill out prior to my visit including a detailed description of everything I eat for 3 days, meaning I have to measure EVERYTHING. Pain in my bootay. And I have to admit, it’s something my ED just loves… measuring. Which makes subconscious calorie counting that much easier, something I do not need to do. But she needs the information so what can you do? The forms that I have to fill out are VERY detailed and ask all sorts of questions about your history of eating and whatnot… meaning I have to into detail about my eating disorder, something I’m not looking forward to. In fact, I almost had a little panic attack just looking at the things I have to fill out. There’s a big difference in admitting that you had/have a problem and talking about it on paper and to another person than just knowing it in your head, if that makes any sense? I have talked about my ED with my mom and my best friend a bit, but that’s it. I’ve NEVER told anyone the whole story (aside from blogging about it) and I have to say, I am pretty scared about talking to my nutritionist about it. Ok, I am terrified. Deep breath… She seems really nice though and I know that this is going to go a long way in correcting my osteopenia, I hope.


I started the day off with a bowl of cereal this morning.


This would be 1 cup of Nature’s Path Blueberry Cinnamon, 1/2 cup Kashi Puffs, 1/2 of a banana, blackberries, and 1% milk (added later).


Can you tell I’m addicted to blackberries?! I used to HATE them. Don’t know what I was thinking with that one… Silly me.


After breakfast I went to a friend’s house and we spent some time gabbing and playing Uno (because we are cool like that 😉 ) and then I came home for a quick lunch before work.

I had a wrap almost the same as yesterday..


It had:

  • deli chicken
  • laughing cow cheese
  • spinach
  • pickles
  • mustard


Yeah so pickles and laughing cow cheese are AMAZING together. Just saying…

Have your tastes changed over the years too? I used to HATE pickles, and blackberries, among other things and now I can’t get enough!

I also had this awesome powder from my Amazing Grass package from yesterday.


OH yes! Check out all those fruits and veggies!

I mixed it with 1 cup of 1% milk. I swear, it tasted like chocolate milk!!! Now, I like the regular Chocolate Amazing Grass powder but I must admit that it has hint of a “green” taste but this, oh this, chocolate milk… If you have kids, this would be an awesome way to help them get their greens in!


I also had an apple with a drizzle of TJ’s salted creamy almond butter.



And then for dinner, my mom had this taco bake thing planned.


It’s SO easy! Simply brown up some ground meat (we used turkey but you could also use tofu or tempeh or whatever) and add some taco seasonings and water and let it cook down. Then layer in a 9’ round dish starting with a tortilla and then 1/4 of the taco mixture and repeat 4 times. Top with a bit of cheese and bake at 350 for 15 minutes. Top as desired!


We topped ours with tomato, lettuce, and light sour cream. So simple but SO good!!! So I celebrated Cinco de Mayo a day late 😉


I had a coconut cookie for dessert, along with this yogurt mess.


It had yogurt, a chocolate Vita-Top, and some PB & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams. Oh so good, as usual.

I mix it all together and it ends up being this mixture that’s kind of like cookies and cream!!! Heaven in my mouth.


Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday and so we have fun things planned! I am skipping PT (so sue me) to go eat lunch with my mom and some of her co-workers for her birthday (probably) and then we are going out with some family tomorrow night. And then on saturday I am making her a birthday cake… it’s gonna be GOOD… well I hope anyway. Should be a fun weekend!

Have a great night!


“But these things I plan won’t happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, do not despair, for these things will surely come to pass. Just be patient! They will not be overdue a single day!” – Habakkuk 2:3