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Good evening and Happy Humpday! I used to hate that word.. blame it on my maturity level that it still makes me giggle just a bit… Thank you for all of your support about my nutritionist!! I can’t wait to share other things that I learn from her!

Today was a day of firsts. Obviously, hence the title.

First up, almond milk. I purchased this at Whole Foods yesterday and it turned out to the be the brand most of you suggested, score!


I used it in a bowl of very maple-y oats this morning. I’m on a maple kick lately..


It had:

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup almond milk
  • salt
  • cinnamon
  • 1/2 of a banana
  • 1/3 cup cottage cheese
  • maple extract
  • maple syrup
  • blackberries
  • Maranatha almond butter


Now if only I would’ve used Mighty Maple peanut butter instead of almond butter… talk about maple overload! But is there even such a thing? I think not.

And another first, this “coffee"..”


Well it’s not really coffee as you know it, it’s an herbal caffeine free coffee product called Teeccino.


My nutritionist recommended this to me yesterday. With my heart burn and coffee’s acidity, it’s probably not the best combination. She said that this product tasted JUST like coffee and is a great, all-natural alternative!


And it was, it was delicious!!!


Now, it’s caffeine free so if you are used to caffeine in the morning, you have to slowly wean yourself off of it. So I’m using 3/4 regular coffee and 1/4 of this Teeccino until I am used to it.


Lunch featured 3 firsts! I was eying the hummus at WF yesterday when I saw a container of baba ghanoush. I was intrigued. I had never had it before. And for those of you who don’t know, it’s basically a dip of eggplant and seasonings, correct me if I’m wrong?


It was REALLY good!! But honestly, it tasted just like hummus. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…


Along with another first in the form of these chips from Food Should Taste Good.


I LOVE this brand and this flavor did NOT disappoint! Yum!!
By the way, if you haven’t tried their sweet potato chips, you haven’t LIVED!

Another first, this Greek yogurt.


The stats are great but a little bit different than most Greek yogurts…


I topped it with some blackberries and 2 peanut butter filled pretzels.

It was really good but it was not like any Greek yogurt I have ever had. It had more of a taste and texture of regular yogurt. Not  that that’s a bad thing but I prefer the Greek..


I also had some corn on the cob and carrots.


P.S. Carrots are AWESOME in baba ghanoush…just saying…


Dinner was GREAT! I had another first, red chard.


I simply sautéed it with a bit of stock and salt and pepper. And then drizzled it with another first, this maple Agave Nectar from my nutritionist.


That lady knows what she’s doing! This stuff ROCKS! As for the red chard, I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it. I’m trying to branch out in my greens and try new ones, by the way. I’ve only tried collard greens, turnip greens, broccoli rabe, kale, spinach, and red chard. Any other great greens I should try?


I also had a sweet potato baked at 400 for 30 minutes with salt, cinnamon, and more maple Agave.


Can’t go wrong with sweet potatoes…


And a salmon burger that was frozen (Whole Foods Brand) that I drizzled with a bit more Maple Agave. I think I’m obsessed…


It was good. Salmon and maple is a fantastic combo, in case you were wondering.


ALSO, I baked some Sprouted Wheat Cinnamon Raison Bread…


I kid, I kid. 😉 When I was at WF yesterday, I was in the bakery and I saw a sign for this bread and unfortunately, they were out. But fortunately, a nice employee said that they had some frozen in the back and promptly acquired me some of this deliciousness, along with instructions on how to bake it. How nice was that?! Whole Foods, your employees are awesome.

In any case, this stuff is GOOD. And it was really easy to pop in the oven!! The hint of sweetness in the bread went perfectly with the hints of maple in my meal.


And then for dessert, I had one last slice of cake. It’s almost gone but it won’t be good for many more days and I’m *hopefully* going to be out tomorrow night and not home to have any. So I had my last piece tonight…


And honestly, I think I’m all caked out!! I know, I’m shocked myself…


On an extremely random note, I saw Iron Man 2 this past Saturday and I forgot to mention it. I really loved the first movie and this one was good but didn’t compare to the first, in my opinion. But isn’t that always the case? Sequels usually don’t quite measure up to the first…

On another random note, have you ever been in a situation or have had something happen to you that you thought was too good to be true but actually turned out TO be true? And didn’t disappoint you? I’m in one of those “pinch me because this is too good to be true” situations right now and I’d LOVE to hear that good things DO actually happen and things DO work out sometimes!

I also wanted to apologize if you have sent me an e-mail lately and I am taking a while to respond. My Gmail is acting REALLY weird and being super slow for some reason….

Good night loves!


“You only get so many do-overs in this life, so many chances to, if not change your past, alter your future.”
-Sarah Dessen