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So I am beginning to think that this every other day blog posting may be happening more often than not. I love blogging with all of my heart but like myself and many of you have said, blogging is just blogging… the internet will always be here. And I have to put my life and my relationships before blogging. As I said in my last post, my life has gotten busy, in a good way, and I’m not about to not go out there and enjoy it because I feel like I need to put a post up every single day, you know? I’m not saying that I’m abandoning blogging by any means… I just need to figure out how to balance blogging with the rest of my life. And I must say, I have new respect for those bloggers who have full time jobs and still post three times a day… I’m not sure I could do it! That being said, I do enjoy posting every day and I’m hoping that I can learn how to manage my time so that I CAN do so and still live my life. If not, every other day works for me!

In other news, I wanted to share with you the results of my doctor’s appointment yesterday. Overall, it was good news. They did new x-rays and according to my doctor, the x-rays looked completely normal, meaning that there were no visible signs of a stress fracture. That does not mean the stress fracture is gone or healed yet (they don’t always show up on x-rays) but the fact that the stress fracture was very clearly visible on an x-ray 5-6 weeks ago and is now NOT visible is a VERY good sign! It is still healing though… but that’s good, it IS healing. I am still hurting, yes. The doctor said that the pain should go away with time but that if I’m still having pain in 6 months, further MRI’s will be done to get to the root of it but hopefully that won’t be necessary. He said that they believe my pain is mostly related to muscles and whatnot as the place I’m injured has a LOT of muscles, tendons, etc. I’m going to continue with physical therapy with some minor tweaking, as we think they were pushing me a bit too hard too soon. But he also wants my therapist to develop a swimming plan for me and begin to do that. And, he says I should be able to begin running again in about 3 months after we get all other aspects of what is wrong with me under control (the osteopenia, my diet, etc.). So I am happy with the news but I’m somewhat scared. It still bothers me that I’m in pain and I hate PT because it causes me pain but I know that I need to trust my doctor and his knowledge.


So yesterday… I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast before my freakishly early doctor’s appointment.


This would be 1 serving of Nature’s Path Blueberry Cinnamon, 1/2 cup Kashi puffs, 1/2 of a banana, blackberries, and 1% milk.


After the doctor, I had a snack because there was no way I was going 5 hours between breakfast and lunch…


This was a BlueBran VitaTop. I usually stick with the chocolate flavor but I bought this on a whim.. good decision! They were delicious!

And then for lunch I had a BLT!! Sort of…


This was whole wheat bread, 2 slices of turkey bacon, tomato, lettuce, and 1 wedge light laughing cow original.


OH wow. I forgot how good BLT’s are!!! This was awesome…

IMG_6345 Except I used 6 slices of bread from a new loaf to make one sandwich. Because apparently I have issues with toasting bread without burning it *ahem* and burned 4 slices before perfectly toasting these two.

With 2 carrots..


And a bowl of yogurt and berries on the side.



For dinner I had a giant sweet potato with salted almond butter and maple Agave Nectar.


Perfectly delicious, filling, and nutritious!


Along with a side of kale.


And as soon as I took my last bite, the boy called and invited me to come cook out with him and his friends. Great timing… In any case, I went anyway. They grilled barbecue chicken, brats, and some pork thing. I didn’t eat since I had already eaten but it was still fun. Men and grills… they think they know everything there is to know about grilling. It gave me and his sister a good laugh anyway. And P.S., S’Mores do NOT work with a grill. Just saying. 


I slept in super late this morning and had a brunch more so than a breakfast. I woke up starving and the only thing that I could think of to satisfy me was a GIANT pancake!


You know it.


It had:

  • 1/2 cup instant oats
  • 1/2 cup egg whites (note: much easier to BUY a carton of egg whites than separate tons of eggs..)
  • 1 tbsp. whole wheat pancake/waffle mix
  • 1 heaping tsp baking powder
  • vanilla extract
  • maple extract
  • 2 tbsp. or so of whipped cottage cheese
  • splash almond milk
  • pinch of salt
  • cinnamon
  • 1/2 of a banana


And I topped it with peanut butter, melted Crofter’s, maple agave nectar, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries.


YUM!!! This one was HUGE and it was super hard to flip. You can’t really tell but it is somewhat deformed… but tasty!!!


And then not 2 hours later I had to eat a snack before work… because I couldn’t go from 2:00 to 5:30 without eating and eating at work is not an option… so eating when I wasn’t hungry was pretty much my only option.


I had this package of Amazing Grass chocolate drink with a giant tbsp. of cocoa powder and almond milk.


YUM! The added cocoa powder makes it taste like chocolate milk. And the almond milk makes it super creamy!


Also had this LaraBar. This was the first time that I’ve had this flavor and it was delicious!


For dinner I had a big juicy burger with bacon!! 😉


Well technically it was an Amy’s veggie burger, 1 slice turkey bacon, pickles, tomato, lettuce, ketchup, and mustard on a wheat bun.


YUM!!!! This was quite possibly one of the most delicious things I have eaten in a while.

It’s kind of ironic to put bacon on a veggie burger but hey.. best of both worlds!


And some obligatory sweet potato fries. With salt, cinnamon, and maple Agave Nectar.


Then came dessert…What’s this, you ask?


None other than fruity pebbles!!! With almond milk.


I’m just guessing but I doubt this is what they mean when they tell you to “eat the rainbow.” Oh well. I had forgotten how much I loved fruity pebbles!! What is your favorite sugary breakfast cereal? C’mon, I know you have one!

I also had some peanut butter filled pretzels… once you start, you just can’t stop.


The Operation Beautiful not that I posted a while back made an appearance on Operation Beautiful today! So exciting!!! I’m SO happy to be able to help Caitlin spread that message that we are all beautiful! That’s right, YOU are beautiful!

On another note, the school that I work at is almost out for the summer. They only have tomorrow and 3 days next week left so I am trying to soak up all the love from my little munchkins that I can to last me for the summer. Not to mention soak up all the laughs I can… The things that come out of their mouths… Today, a very precocious (never thought I’d actually USE that word) 5 year old girl hugged me and said “I love you” and I said “I love you too.” Then she asked me why I loved her and I didn’t know what to say so I asked her why she loved me… “Because you are hot.” Yes. A 5 year old GIRL loves me because I’m “hot.” Ha. What do you even say to that?!


Good night all! Have a FABULOUS Friday! Live a little and go do something crazy!


“There is a desire within each of us, in the deep center of ourselves that we call our heart. We were born with it, it is never completely satisfied, and it never dies. We are often unaware of it, but it is always awake. It is the human desire for love. Every person in this earth yearns to love, to be loved, to know love. Our true identity, our reason for being, is to be found in this desire…love is the ‘why’ of life: why we are functioning at all, what we want to be efficient for… I am convinced [love] is the fundamental energy of the human spirit, the fuel on which we run, the wellspring of our vitality. And grace, which is the flowing, creative activity of love itself, is what makes all goodness possible. Love should come first; it should be the beginning of and the reason for everything.”