And last but not least, the gorgeous Steph from Mediterranean Miss graciously offered to do a guest post. If you haven’t checked out her blog, DO SO!!! This girl is seriously the best!!!

Thank you so much to the beautiful Jessica for letting me guest post here while she enjoys an epic Irish adventure ❤ I’m sure all of you are missing her posts just as much as I am. In the meantime, however, it’s nice to meet you! My name is Steph, the writer behind the teeny little blog “Mediterranean Miss.”


1. Give us a brief description of your blog and what makes it unique!

My blog is dedicated to three of the most important things in my life: Food, Fitness & and Fairy Tales. As the title suggests, it’s also shout out to my Mediterranean heritage and features some of the Greek flavors I grew up enjoying, along with Italian, French and Spanish recipes that I picked up from friends, family and visits abroad. You can live the Mediterranean lifestyle from anywhere in the world. It’s my pleasure to teach you how to do so.

Why fairytales, you ask? Simply put, I’m obsessed, but not with magic and sparkle dust – rather I believe that all of us are capable of finding our own “Happily Ever After” despite the obstacles we’re faced with, such as eating disorders, like the one I overcame. When I say “Fairy Tale,” I mean so much more than just a story. It’s a mentality that encompasses almost everything that I do.

When reading my blog you can expect to find recipes, workout summaries, reflections, quotes and accounts of my very embarrassing behavior 😉 Also expect about 139581051 pictures of animals, especially of these boys:


2. Why do you blog?

I started blogging as a pastime for myself, but as I began to attract a little bit of attention, I began writing to my readers instead of treating it just like a journal. I blog to remind myself of the good things that happen, to reflect on the bad, and to drool over the eats that I’ve made and will make again 😉 This is where the photography aspect kicked in, and I love to practice my very amateurish skills by taking shots of my favorite meals to show you!


It is amazing to think that my little words are making some sort of an impact on the amazing people who have left me comments. I am blogging for myself, but also for you, and I hope that my writing encourages you to reflect on the fairy tale aspects of your lives. We are all blessed in one way or another.

3. What is your favorite thing about blogging? Least favorite?

I know everybody has said this, but my favorite thing about blogging is definitely the connection it forges with the blogging community. I love the network of beautiful, strong individuals it has introduced me to, and I have been left in tears repeatedly by some of the uplifting and supportive comments I have received. Blogging allows you to make real friends in a virtual world – how cool is that?!

As far as least favorite goes? Well, I sometimes worry that I am boring you with the repetition of my meals, which makes me try harder for variety. This can be a little stressful at times when I’m tired and would normally just dump some cereal into a bowl for dinner, but instead cook up a risotto to post on MM ^~

4. What is the best meal that you have ever had?

The best meals I ever had were definitely meals that my Yiayia, my grandmother, cooked for me. She lived on the beach in the Bahamas and would ask me what I wanted before my family would make the long trip down from Canada to visit her. When we would arrive, her table would be groaning under the weight of freshly grilled octopus (always my choice), authentic Greek lamb, plump white lobster tails, salads with syrupy sweet balsamic, fresh yellow grapefruit from her garden, pomegranates, and of course, the green grapes you’ll quickly realize are my favorite thing ever.


(my beautiful grandmother in Greece ^)

The things that make the best meals are, in my opinion, fresh fresh fresh ingredients and very simple flavors. I often season with little other than fresh oregano from my tabletop garden, lemon, and nutty, sweet olive oil.

5. Name something unique about yourself that we don’t know.

If you trace my ancestry back enough, we were Gypsy pirates!! Yarr ;D


(Steph’s Great Great Great Great Grandpa? ^ bahahahaha. )

I speak French and Spanish, and am learning how to speak Greek. Italian to follow J The more languages you know, the easier they are to pick up.

Also, as an aside, I love to try new and exciting things. I’ve been skydiving with my boyfriend (now that was an experience I’ll never forget) and I’m currently in the process of being certified as a scuba diver. Splish splash ^~

6. What is your favorite way to stay in shape? Why do you love it so much?

My favorite way to stay in shape is to have fun with what I’m doing. You can find exercise in any activity you’d like, even fighting with paint, like I was doing in the photo below, haha.


I used to be a diehard runner 6-7 days a week. Now I love to mix it up. I’ll run for maybe three, take a zumba class, do some pilates, a 30 day shred, rollerblade down by the water or hop on my bike to fill my basket with fresh fruit and veggies from the market (hey, it totally counts, even if you’re exercising your way to a treat). The trick is to listen to your body and to do what is the most enjoyable for ~you~. I made the mistake of being a slave to my exercise, which turned it into a chore. Now I run for fun and work out because I want to, not because I feel like I have to.

7. What is your guiltiest pleasure?

I cannot resist a champagne truffle or having my hair played with. Treat me to both and I’m yours forever.

8. A favorite quote or phrase?

"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie-burner. I believe in kissing; kissing a lot. I believe in staying strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day &, most importantly, I believe in miracles"
-Audrey Hepburn