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I apologize for being MIA the last couple of days. Life happens, you know? I assume you understand. But let’s just jump right into the food, shall we?


Oats have RETURNED!!

July 18th 003

I started craving them like MAD Wenesday night so it wasn’t a hard decision when choosing what to have for breakfast Thursday.

July 18th 008

I prefer to cook them on the stove top but because I had to get to my babysitting job early, the microwave method it was. Thanks to the advice of some twitter friends, I soaked my oats with the liquid overnight and then microwaved for 2 minutes, stirred, and then 2 minutes more.

July 18th 002

This was 1/2 cup old fashioned oats, 1/2 cup 2% milk, 1/2 cup water, cinnamon, pinch of salt, and 1/2 of a banana.

July 18th 006

I topped them with a peach, blueberries, almond butter, and Greek Yogurt. OH SO good!


For lunch I packed yogurt and blueberries…

July 18th 012

Sliced cucumbers..

July 18th 015

An apple..

July 18th 016

And 1/2 of a pimento cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread

July 18th 010

Some of you asked how I made the pimento cheese? It was quite simple. I based it off of Kelsey’s Pimento Cheese, with a few modifications. I combined 4 ounces reduced fat Sharp Cheddar Cheese, 2 ounces Irish Cheddar (amazing stuff), 2 T. pimentos, 1 T. Olive Oil Mayo, 2 T. or so plain nonfat Greek Yogurt, black pepper, and garlic powder. So simple, but SO good!

And then I came home from work and had what I thought was a snack of Kashi Sunshine with a peach and almond milk.

July 18th 017

Then I was asked by one of my friends to go out so… this kind of turned into my dinner, along with a Cliff bar later on in the night. Dinner of champions I tell you.

On Friday, breakfast was very similar to Thursday.

July 18th 019

I’m in looove with this oatmeal combination.

July 18th 020

Can you tell I’m kind of majorly addicted to blueberries right now?

July 18th 023

I packed a sandwich for lunch that had *gasp* veggies!! (I’ve been lacking in the veggie department lately)

July 18th 029

It had Boar’s Head turkey (the BEST), a slice of an Heirloom Tomato, and light olive oil mayo. The Heirloom tomato MADE this sandwich. If you’ve never had them, get yourself to your local farmer’s market and pick one up, it will change how you view tomatoes.

I also had this long sought out Strawberry Banana Chobani.

July 18th 031

I was SUPER excited about this but honestly, not a fan. The banana flavor tasted almost fake to me…

Dinner was almost a repeat of breakfast, in a different form.

July 18th 032

I let myself get SO hungry that I couldn’t decide what to eat. Do you ever get like that? So I just threw this together.

July 18th 034

It was good but it was just NOT what I wanted. Unfortunately I realized that AFTER I had eaten. Boo.

Breakfast yesterday pretty much rocked.

July 18th 038

Simple whipped banana oats topped with Dark Chocolate Dreams.

July 18th 040

Chocolate for breakfast? Why not?

July 18th 036

With a side of blueberries. Just had to do it.

I packed the following for lunch/snacks at work..

July 18th 042

July 18th 044

July 18th 045

And this Attune Bar that I won from a giveaway on Trying to Heal.

July 18th 047

It ended up melting a little as it was sitting outside for a while (the package) but it was SO GOOD!!!! Two thumbs up!!

And then I went out to eat for dinner last night with my mom to the Olive Garden. Unfortunately, the only picture I managed to remember to take was of a drink I had.

photo (6)

Blue Moon. With an orange. AKA The Love of My Life. Not really but it was darn good.

I also had a breadstick, salad, and this seafood pasta dish. It was all amazing. Trust me on this.


Recently, Caitlin wrote a post about what could happen if you say yes, in response to a weekly motivational e-mail The Ripples Project. I subscribe to the same thing and it got me thinking the other day…


Who or what could you SAY YES to and change everything?

What if you did?

Think about it… how powerful is that? You could turn your life around by simply saying yes to something or someone. So today I say yes to living, yes to focusing on the present instead of the past, yes to love the people who love me and who are important to me, and YES to moving on and forgetting about the people who DON’T treat me right.

Your turn… what could YOU say yes to?