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That’s right. I’m in a food rut. If you can call this a rut? I’m on a waffle/pancake kick with breakfast but lunch and dinner….? No inspiration. Nothing. I’m hungry but nothing is really appealing? I’ve looked and looked through all of my cookbooks and my usual favorite websites but I’m not finding anything that screams “make me!” So on that note, have you made an incredible recipe lately that you’d like to share? Or maybe share a favorite go-to website for recipes?

I woke up with a random craving for pancakes. Therefore, I had pancakes. I don’t question these things.

August 30 002

Pancakes a la Hodgson Mill…

August 30 003

I topped one with peanut butter and TJ’s pumpkin butter (makes me excited for all things pumpkin!)

August 30 005

One with Naturally Nutty

August 30 008

Another with plain whipped sweet cream butter…

August 30 009

All topped with raspberries and half of a banana…

August 30 010

And dipped in pure Maple Syrup

August 30 011

Pancakes are the way to go, obviously.


Be forewarned, lunch was extremely lame. (and consumed on the go)

August 30 012

A vanilla Chobani

August 30 013

Applegate Farms deli turkey…

August 30 014

And more Sun Chips. Yes, I’m currently obsessed with them.


Dinner was also slightly random but delicious!

August 30 019

Applegate Farms All Natural Chicken Nuggets

August 30 017

Laugh if you will buuut they were amazing.

August 30 023

Especially dipped in honey barbecue sauce.

August 30 020

Along with sweet potato fries..

August 30 022
And (canned) collard greens.


Dessert was 2 Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies.

August 30 027

And yes, they were as delicious as they looked 🙂


Speaking of the rut earlier, I’m also in a blogging rut. As in, I’m back in love with it (I guess a break is all I needed) but I feel like it’s a bit… stale. I’d like to re-design the look as well as the content. Any suggestions, tips, anything…?

Also, I’m going to be creating an FAQ page sooo any and all questions are welcomed.. comments, e-mail, whatever!!! I would GREATLY appreciate any and all help!

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” -Maya Angelou