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I commenced the search for the “little black dress” today, in preparation for fun times in Charlotte tomorrow night. I haven’t bought a dress (a nice dress) in YEARS… so you see, it was needed. And there were sales. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do… ANYWHO, I found this dress and immediately fell in LOVE. Even though my blog is usually focused on food and all things food related, we’re going to take a brief journey into the fashion world, shall we?

The dress:

Sept. 9 033

Sept. 9 035

BUT these pictures really don’t do it justice. SO I’ll show you a picture I took in the dressing room (I took pictures of a couple of different options so I could get advice from mi madre). Bear in mind, this particular dress was a size too small so it doesn’t fit perfectly. And the picture is a bit blurry. But you get the idea.

And once you find the dress, shoes come next? Right? Right. That’s where things get a bit fuzzy… I somehow came out of these shopping trip with not 1… not 2… but 3 (3!) pairs of shoes. In my defense, they were all on sale and one was only $5.. which is practically stealing. Then commenced the question of which shoes should I wear with said dress?

Option A:

Sept. 9 027

These are actually white, though they look silver…

Sept. 9 028

Option B:

(these are flats and a bit on the casual side)

Sept. 9 026


Option C:

Sept. 9 029

Sept. 9 030

I kind of fell in love with these…

Sept. 9 031


Which ones should I wear?!


Breakfast included this deliciousness…

Sept. 9 001

This is the same brand of sweet potato waffles I’ve been eating… just in pancake form. And dare I say it but I prefer the pancakes? They are almost… cakey!

Sept. 9 002

I topped one with Barney Butter (last of the jar… guess what’s to come tomorrow?!)

Sept. 9 007

And both drizzled with pumpkin butter…

Sept. 9 005

And 1/2 of a banana and 1/2 of a peach.

Sept. 9 008

Lunch was on the go.

Sept. 9 013

Ham sandwich on whole wheat with barbecue sauce. Um yeah. It was good.

Don’t knock it til you try it…


Along with a peach, string cheese, a handful of almonds, and Sun Chips.

Sept. 9 014

All over the course of mid morning and afternoon.

And then I killed some time at Wal-Mart (yes, I am aware of how sad this is) where I found this…

Sept. 9 015

Hello, my name is Jessica and I am addicted to nut butter and barbecue sauce. Is there help for me?


I apologize for dinner as it’s pretty much a repeat of last night…

Sept. 9 018

Veggie burger…

Sept. 9 019

Sautéed kale with barbecue sauce.. (yes, I know, I know… CRAZY cravings)

Sept. 9 025

Nut butter sweet potato fries!!! That are a tad… crispy. But it’s all good.

Sept. 9 021

I coated one sweet potato in a mixture of peanut butter, almond butter, water, and olive oil. And salt and cinnamon. TO DIE.

Sept. 9 023

And some roasted broccolini. 

Sept. 9 036

Dessert was this Skinny Cow ice cream cone..

And half of a pumpkin whoopie pie… just cause.


Today I am thankful for..

  1. My daddy. The only man in my life (besides my cat) that I can always depend on.
  2. Forgiveness. Of others.
  3. Mending broken relationships of the past and realizations..


Ok, now the quote from yesterday..

It is not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It is because we dare not venture that they are difficult.”

I asked what it meant to you and some of the responses were…

Faith said “I personally think that quote has a lot to do with our mentality on how we approach life. If we go in with a defeatist attitude, of course we will find whatever we’re tackling to be “too hard”. When we attack things head on though, expecting to nail them, it happens more often than we figure.”

Jolene said “That is a great quote, and so often true. I see it in school when students don’t pay attention in math, for example, because they don’t think they will understand it. When they actually take the time to pay close attention for a few minutes, and TRY to understand, it often connects with them, and they have an aha moment.”

Chelsea said “Hmm I think that quote means that a lot of the time we believe we’re going to fail at something so we don’t even bother trying. But if you just set aside your fear of failure and go for it, it’s often a lot easier than you think!”

Jessica said “To me, it means to just get up and DO it. If we sit around worrying about what will happen if we take the plunge and commit to something, it’s so much harder than actually taking the chance and just doing whatever it is we are worrying about. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve gotten so anxious/worried about something that hasn’t even happened yet or that I have been debating doing…and then everything turns out perfectly. The stress is just not worth it – it’s making it more difficult than it really is.”


I think I agree with what everyone said. If you don’t try because you think you’re going to fail, you’re always (possibly) going to regret it and wonder “what if?" And half the time, the things we dread and think we’re going to fail at, really aren’t so bad after all! You just have to try. Even if you fail, at least you TRIED.