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That title will make sense soon, promise 🙂

So let’s just get it out of the way… by now everyone and their mother.. and their brother.. has heard about the Marie Claire article and blogged about it. As Jessica said, I’m not one to beat a dead horse either, and I don’t want to be a part of drama. BUT I have to throw out my two cents because 5 out of 6 of the bloggers that were mentioned in said article were the the bloggers that turned my life around. Through their blogs, they showed me what a real meal looked like.. how to fuel your body so that it can do it’s job.. they brought me to my love of running (especially Caitlin), and for those things, I am forever in debt and thankful to them. They were all kind and caring and helpful and reached out to me in many different ways. I have NEVER been negatively impacted by reading their blogs and it absolutely breaks my heart that someone would slander them in such a way. And the community as a whole. Because every single healthy living blogger was attacked in some way by this article. I love this community and I wish people could see if for what it really, see the love and friendships and support, not the twisted side that Marie Claire portrayed.


Moving on.. I passed my second test (the menu test) with flying colors tonight. I only have my server final and validation (serving a manager… eeek!) tomorrow and then I’m waitressing for real, on my own, earning TIPS tomorrow night. So far, i’m loving it. It is HARD work and some people are jerks for no apparent reason (guests AND those in the business) but I’ve been working with the public for 3 years and have such learned to put on a happy face, smile, nod, and agree when in doubt. But I am loving meeting new people and staying BUSY. I like being busy. And the money doesn’t hurt either… 😉


And now I must forewarn you, because of cramming for the aforementioned tests plus my normal school stuff plus training, my eats have been boring and repetitive. For the most part. And I haven’t been taking pictures of every single thing but this has been the past 3 days in a nutshell…

I’ve had the same breakfast for 3 days…

Oct. 5 015
Yes, boring, but delicious.

Oct. 5 021

And I’ve been craving cold cereal so enter Kashi Go Lean Crunch with banana and almond milk

Oct. 5 002

OH changing it up with some raspberries in place of the banana… 😉


Snacks of Cheeze Itz…


Hey they’re whole grain 😉 and a ton of other crap.. but sometimes just gotta give in to a craving when it calls.

A smooshed protein bar from the depths of my purse


Chemically ladden, perhaps. Delicious, you bet!


I’m also learning the art of pre-work snacks to keep me fueled all night.

PB & J Eggy Oats..

Oct. 5 006

Base of oats, egg whites, water, 1/2 of a banana, pinch of salt, cinnamon, vanilla, milk, and water.

Oct. 5 009

Topped with Crofter’s, almond butter, and peanut butter.

Oct. 5 008

This left me beyond stuffed but it did the job of keeping me full all night!


Remembering my over-full feeling from the day before, I went a little lighter on my snack last night.

Oct. 5 016

An apple on the bottom, Greek yogurt, raw oats, The Bees Knees peanut butter, and chocolate hazelnut butter.

Oct. 5 020

Today I had this bowl of “overnight” oats..


Raspberry chobani, raw oats, and frozen raspberries on top.


I’ve also been having many the late night dinners.

Chili (mom made) with cornbread.

Oct. 5 012

I don’t know how she does it but she makes the BEST chili!!! I had this two nights in a row.

Oct. 5 013

And now to the title of the post.. Garner’s. Garner’s is a local health food store/cafe. After the gym today, I stopped to get a salad (i’ve been craving veggies like MAD… I blame it on my less than stellar veggie intake of late) and ended up getting lunch, dinner, and dessert!

Oct. 5 024

Lunch was a salad: mixed greens, tomato, carrots, cheese, croutons, thousand island, and cucumber.

Oct. 5 023

SO good. And their homemade egg salad on whole wheat bread.

Oct. 5 025

Dinner after work was their turkey spaghetti..

Oct. 5 027

HOLY yum! So comforting after being so tired and it being so cold out… delicious!

Annnd blueberry cobbler!!!!

Oct. 5 029

Their homemade blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream. OH boy. It might not look amazing, but it was fan fricken tastic! It was all doughy and gooey and warm..

Oct. 5 030


Today I am thankful for..

  1. Meeting new people
  2. My TRUE friends who are always there, no matter what
  3. A new chapter in my life


“One of the hardest things in life is figuring out when it is time to stop, and when it is time to try harder.”