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Those would be the two purchases I made at 9PM at Wal-Mart tonight. Yes, two of the most random things EVER together. Why the pumpkin and wine? Tonight was my first night off in a week and I decided to make it worth it. So I had plans but they fell through… sooooo I decided to indulge myself with a bit of pumpkin chocolate chip blondies, wine, and some blog reading. Not half bad 🙂 Though I did get a straaaange look from the cashier at those two purchases.

Workwise, things are fabulous 🙂 well.. they’re getting there. I ended up not having to take my final tests last night because things were crazy and they let me just go ahead and waitress alone because I was ready for it (and the tests have kind of fallen by the wayside… darn 😉 ) Last night was my first night alone and it was… well, it went. I made some mistakes and it was stressful but I got into the hang of it by the end of the night. And then today I had my 2nd shift at lunch and it was FABULOUS. Much better tips than last night and I did pretty well, not to toot my own horn or anything 😉 It was a tad bit crazy because our restaurant is the first in the chain to roll out a new menu and so all the corporate leaders and whatnot were there to see the new menu items. BUT they had to make them and then take pictures of them and then gave the few of us waiters left at the end of the shift the dishes… omg. Barbecue chicken nachos, steakhouse nachos, spinach artichoke dip, firecracker shrimp pizza, to name a few. I didn’t say they were healthy BUT they sure were delicious! And I got to hang with my co-workers and get to know them a bit. All in all, a good day at work. I’m loving it more each day. I always thought I could just NEVER be a waitress and I would hate it but I’m finding that it’s really… gratifying. It’s kind of crazy and stressful (as I’m sure you all who have done it know) but my shifts go by just like that and I’m getting to meet all kinds of new people, which is something I really NEEDED.


As far as what I’ve been eating the last few days… repitiive, lacking of veggies, and carb heavy. But delicious.

Pumpkin pancakes..

Oct. 7 001

Made with whole grain pancake mix, 1/4 cup or so of pumpkin, pumpkin pie spices, and water.

Oct. 7 002

Topped with peanut butter and raspberries.

Oct. 7 004

Sadly, I only have one serving left in my amazing pumpkin pancake mix.. 😦 I’m trying to save it for a special occasion until I can stock up.


Lunch yesterday before work was this bowl of oats.

Oct. 7 005

Eggy oats (1/2 cup oats, 1/4 cup egg whiles, 1/2 cup water, 1/4 cup milk) with Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and Crofter’s.

Oct. 7 007

This baby kept me full for I don’t know… 6 hours?! Unheard of friends. And delicious!

Oct. 7 009

Dinner (late dinner) started with this sweet potato (it was HUGE) with a pat of Irish butter…

Oct. 7 010

And I also ended up having some cereal after because I was still hungry. And some kind of chocolate for dessert…


Breakfast today…

Oct. 7 011

You guessed it. Kashi, banana, and almond milk. Can’t beat it..

Oct. 7 012

Lunch was this turkey sandwich with a slice of cheddar and mustard on whole wheat.

Oct. 7 014

I also packed some baby carrots and an apple buuuut I ended up being full from the sandwich. I intended to eat the veggies after work but then came all the food AT work and it filled me up.

I went out to eat sushi with my parents for dinner but I kind of forgot to take pictures :/ It amazes me when I forget after almost a year of blogging… But I DID snag a picture of my cosmopolitan!


And then came the pumpkin blondes… via Allie’s recipe for Vegan Pumpkin Pecan Blondies. Um… except mine were vegan. And didn’t have Pecans. Add chocolate chips. Ghiradelli chocolate chips to be exact.

Oct. 7 018

Heck yes.

Oct. 7 019

Note to self: Let them cool next time before cutting. I couldn’t wait which resulted in my blondie falling apart on me..

Oct. 7 020

They were delicious. But a little too sweet for me and the texture was a bit not as… gooey as Allie’s. I’m not sure if it’s because I had to use melted butter in place of oil or that I used whole wheat flour? I dunno. But they were tasty! I would simply cut back a bit on the sugar next time.


A negative result of my new job is my late late dinners. I’m so hungry when I get home that I eat anything in sight and this ends up leaving me veggie less. My plan for the coming week is to try to amp up the veggie action at lunch and prepare a balanced dinner before work to eat when I get home at night. That’s the plan anyway..

Unfortunately, I do have some sad news to share. Our puppy pug passed away yesterday. Well she really wasn’t a puppy, she was about 8 years old and my mom’s “fur-baby,” if you will. She started acting funny Tuesday and so my parents to her to the vet and they found she had heart problems, liver problems, and a tumor. They thought she was going to be OK but she didn’t make it. I’m sure many of you have pets and know what it is to lose them. It still hasn’t fully hit me yet.. I keep expecting her to show up under my feet while i’m cooking, begging for a bite. Or hear her snoring on the couch in one of her many naps a day. In any case, she lived a good life and not many dogs were treated better… here’s to Punkin, the sweetest pug there was and a member of our family we will always remember.

Picture 025

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