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As I am prone to do, I’m stuck in yet another food rut.

Oct. 21 001

A Kashi Go Lean Crunch with almond milk and banana food rut.

Oct. 21 002

This was Tuesday’s bowl but I’ve had the same breakfast for oh, every day (for the most part) for weeks now? I just can’t help myself. It hits the spot, keeps me full, is quick and easy, and above all, DELICIOUS. Are you in a food rut?

Can you believe I’ve never had an Everything Bagel before? I saw them at Whole Foods on Monday and decided to pick one up to try.

Oct. 21 003

I had it for lunch topped with a bit of cream cheese.

Oct. 21 004

The verdict? Delicious!


Snack between shifts was this incredible parfait..

Oct. 21 009

Microwaved apple with cinnamon, yogurt, grape nuts, pumpkin butter, and peanut butter.. and repeat.

Oct. 21 008


Oct. 21 010


Dinner was a beef stew with TONS of veggies that my mom made..

Oct. 21 012

Nothing like home cooking!


Wednesday’s breakfast… who would’ve thought? 😉

Oct. 21 013

I ate out for lunch with a friend and then had this slice of bread with a smidge of peanut butter before work to get me through the night.

Oct. 21 015

Dinner was this microwaved Amy’s Margharita pizza

Oct. 21 016

And a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie.

Oct. 21 017


Breakfast today…

Oct. 21 018

For lunch I had this pb and j on Rudi’s honey whole wheat.

Oct. 21 020

I like to mix the peanut butter and jelly together in a bowl before adding it to the sandwich, it’s something I’ve done since I was little and it brings a whole new level of flavor (why.. i don’t know) to the classic.

Oct. 21 021

And this snack between shifts today…

Oct. 21 027

A pineapple chobani, raw oatmeal, raspberries, and blackberries.

Oct. 21 025

Aren’t this blackberries gorgeous? They are SO delicious.. so juicy and sweet!


Warning: The following may be a trigger for those with or with a history of an eating disorder. Read on at your own risk.

And now I have a question… or rather, I’m asking that you weigh in one something I’ve noticed. Ever since I started waitressing, I think I’ve worked out maybe twice? And that’s over three weeks or a little more. I just don’t have the energy or the time between work AND school. I know cardio is not needed as much but I do want to get back into strength training. ANYWAYS, I’ve been not working out, like I said, and eating more and I’ve noticed that I’ve lost weight. I haven’t stepped on the scale but by the ways my clothes fit, I can tell. (I’m not TRYING to lose weight) I’m wondering if this means that I was not eating enough before, when I was exercising daily? Or if I’m just burning off more calories than I’m eating right now. Thoughts?