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Well folks, it’s Monday again.. the beginning of a new weekend and the end of a fabulous weekend. At least mine was, fabulous that is. But BUSY. In between working, I went out with friends and went to a co-worker’s Halloween party Saturday night, which was FUN. I ended up staying out waaaaay to late for having to work the next morning. Let’s just say that work was a MAJOR struggle yesterday and even after sleeping almost 12 hours, I’m still not feeling up to par. But it was worth it 🙂 In the meantime, I was house sitting/dog sitting all weekend for this sweetheart..

oct 25 018

Isn’t she adorable? A bit high maintenance but sweet as can be.


I didn’t photograph everything but here are a few of my eats from the weekend…

Late night dinner friday night of leftover Japanese food…

oct 25 001

Note to self: Don’t eat greasy food late at night.

Traditional breakfast of Kashi Go Lean Crunch and banana and almond milk.

oct 25 002

Doesn’t get old.

oct 25 003

Yogurt mess breakfast Saturday morning of Kashi Sunshine, yogurt, and banana.

oct 25 006

Aren’t these bowls cute?!

oct 25 007

With cups to match!

oct 25 009

Subway for lunch! It had turkey, lettuce, ham, tomato, banana peppers, honey mustard, and mayo on wheat.

oct 25 010

Mayo is AWESOME. There. I said it.

oct 25 011

Breakfast Sunday of Honey Nut Cherrios, peanut butter, banana, and milk.

oct 25 013

I’m just in LOVE with how SLEEK these bowls are!!! Must get some.

oct 25 014

Breakfast today was Kashi Sunshine, blackberries, raspberries, almond milk, and peanut butter.

oct 25 019

Lunch was a sweet potato with pumpkin butter and butter.

oct 25 022

Thank you Gabriela 😉 It was delicious!


And then, my friends, THEN…


I swear I heard angels singing. A Trader Joe’s opened in Greenville, about 20 minutes away from where I live. My excitement is for this is indescribable. It was CRAZY crowded.. you could hardly even MOVE. But my finds… oh my finds.

Let’s start with this, shall we?

oct 25 024

Combined with this…

oct 25 026

and this…

oct 25 025

to create THIS!

oct 25 027


I also had my first taste of naan. Holy crap. SO GOOD. You’ll see plenty more on the blog soon.


Dinner was salmons stew made by my mom.

oct 25 029

Combined with saltines, amazing. One of my comfort foods.

oct 25 031

Dessert was Trader Joe’s pumpkin pie and a scoop of Trader Joe’s plain frozen yogurt.

oct 25 032

YUM is all I can say 🙂


Have a fabulous week! I love you all!

“Peace. It doesnt mean to be in a place where theres no trouble. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”