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Which is what I have deemed this week, as I’ve been trying all of my TJ’s loot. The verdict? We have an addiction on our hands, my friends.

I started with this cereal for breakfast…

oct 28 002

High fiber. Protein. Low sugar.

oct 28 003


oct 28 004

OH yes. With almond milk and a banana.


A yogurt mess before work Tuesday centered around these babies..

oct 28 005

A muffin, TJ’s Greek yogurt (which I love but is a bit thinner than most Greek yogurts I’ve tried), and blackberries (also from TJ’s and talk about a STEAL.. a HUGE container for 3 dollars when I can usually only get half that amount for 5 dollars)

oct 28 007


Also these “mini cheese sandwiches” – like Ritz Bitz only tastier and better for you!

oct 28 006

TJ’s BBQ chicken pizza..

oct 28 009

HOLY heavens this was amazing!

oct 28 010


TJ’s whole wheat waffles for breakfast.

oct 28 011

My friends, you must get these. These are not your ordinary frozen cardboardy waffles.. these babies are fluffy and I swear, TASTE homemade!

oct 28 013

Topped with peanut butter and dipped in maple syrup.

oct 28 012

Lunch snack plate of naan, hummus, and these heirloom baby tomatoes

oct 28 015

I might be in love with this hummus.. probably the best I’ve ever had?

oct 28 019

And aren’t these tomatoes SO cute?!

oct 28 020

And tasty!


A random snack of Kashi Go Lean, a banana, and almond milk before work

oct 28 022


And dinner last night… rotisserie chicken..

oct 28 024

Green beans, mashed potatoes, and a deviled egg.

oct 28 026

Random, but it worked.


Breakfast this morning was yet MORE waffles!

oct 28 027

These things are addicting!

oct 28 029

Lunch of a pb and j..

oct 28 031

Half traditional with peanut butter and strawberry jam, half with pumpkin butter and PB & CO. The Bees Knees

oct 28 032

Along with an apple

oct 28 033

And finally, a snack involving this TJ’s honey Greek yogurt..

oct 28 034

With Kashi Heart to Heart and a nectarine.

oct 28 035


So my friends, it’s been a good week. Food and otherwise 🙂

oct 28 028

And thus begins my weekend… gotta love Thursday nights in college!


"Letting go isn’t the end of the world; it’s the beginning of a new life." ~Unknown