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Is it just me, or did this weekend go by WAY too fast?! Mine was a blur. A huge BLUR. As I was at work over a majority of those precious weekend hours. On the upside, I love most of my co-workers and we have a blast at work. On the other hand, I’ve had 3 bad bad tables that stick out to me the entire time I’ve been waitressing. 2 of those 3 tables were this weekend. Yep. But, it happens.

In any case, one of the highlights of my weekend was when I found this package at my doorstep.

Nov 15 016

The lovely Jess and I decided to do a bloggie exchange but I never dreamed she would send me such amazing goodies! Check this out…

Nov 15 017

You’ve Got Chocolate in my Peanut Butter Cookies and some bars

Nov 15 019

The bars are SO GOOD! Seriously better than any store bought or otherwise I’ve had. Annnnd Jess, I’m going to bug you for the recipe. Just FYI 😉

Nov 15 018

And the cookies… oh boy. Let’s just say these babies are long gone now. They were in all honesty, the best cookies of my life.

Nov 15 028

Jess, can you come be my personal baker?! Puh-lease?! But thankgoodness she sent me the recipe for the cookies, or I may have died from lack of themostamazingcookies ever.

Nov 15 020

Nov 15 021

Nov 15 023

Nov 15 022

Nov 15 026

Nov 15 025

I didn’t take many foodie pictures this weekend but here were a few highlights.

Nov 15 001

The infamous pumpkin bread..

Nov 15 005

OH so good.

And moist!

Nov 15 003


Nov 15 004

Pancakes from this mix..

Nov 15 006

I was trying to achieve perfectly fluffy and buttermilky (but still healthy) pancakes

Nov 15 007

Fluffy? Yes. Tasty? Yes.

Nov 15 008

But a little subpar… The toppings were good, however.

Nov 15 011

TJ’s peanut butter and Angela’s pumpkin butter.


Amy’s Cheese Lasagna

Nov 15 014

And garlic bread

Nov 15 015

Dare I say it but I think I like the veggie lasagna more?


A yogurt mess with THE granola…

Nov 15 029

a banana and TJ’s peanut butter

Nov 15 030

TJ’s yogurt

Nov 15 031

Annnnd drizzled with the raspberry honey.. so GOOD! Both the honey and the granola were outstanding!

Nov 15 033


Most of my lunches between shifts have been SUBS as of late.


I’ve been craving them for some reason. And they keep me full all shift long.. plenty of veggies, whole grains, fiber, and protein.


On another note, I’m on the search for a jaw-dropping amazingly delicious dessert for Thanksgiving. I’m partial to cakes but I’m open to any and all dessert opportunities… so the question is, what should I make?! Anyone have a killer recipe or can direct me toward one?! I may reward the winning suggestion with a little gift… 😉


Serendipity – Look for something, find something else, and realize that what you’ve found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for. –Lawrence Block