Is it just me, or did Thanksgiving fly by in the blink of an eye? The day after a holiday is kind of depressing for me… all the excitement and then wham bam it’s over. BUT, my Thanksgiving was fabulous. Dare I say, the best Thanksgiving thus far? When you bring my family together, hilarity always ensues. Add in two new significant others meeting the family for the first time PLUS certain members of my family in extra crazy moods, it meant fun times. AND amazing food and a post-Thanksgiving dinner viewing of the new Harry Potter… talk about a perfect Thanksgiving!

I didn’t take too many photos at the time for certain reasons but here are some random ones that my lovely aunt took…


Me and my friend Tyler

My lovely great aunt and cousin

And my Dad. He’s special.


But I do have pictures of some of the food…

First, a caramel cake.

Thanksgiving '10 038

This was the caramel filling between two caramel/vanilla cake layers… which I made from scratch. Guys, I had a foodie moment. You boil a mixture of butter, sugar, etc. on the stovetop and then take the mixture and whip it and it transforms from this liquidy mixture to instant thick caramel before your eyes. The excitement I felt when this happened was not the excitement of a normal person… I think this cements that food IS my calling in life?!

Thanksgiving '10 036

ANYWHO, the final product. (That would be a cream cheese frosting topped with homemade pralines)

Thanksgiving '10 040

This cake is to DIE!!!

Thanksgiving '10 042

Especially if you like caramel.. make this. Now.


Also on the dessert menu, a chocolate chip bourbon pecan pie.

Thanksgiving '10 044

Making the pie proved to be a bit of a challenge. It obviously calls for bourbon and well, the smell of bourbon makes me sick. There’s a story behind that which involves the consumption of way too much Jack Daniel’s and sprite but well, we won’t go there. But in any case, beyond that, it was really easy to make!

Thanksgiving '10 045

And delicious!!! As I said, NOT a fan of bourbon but the bourbon was barely there.. just a hint. Perfection.


As for the main course, I didn’t take pictures on Thanksgiving itself but I had leftovers for dinner tonight and it’s pretty much the exact same thing as last night.

Nov. 26 001

Turkey and dressing, ofcourse.

Nov. 26 003

Dressing is, quite possibly, my favorite dish?! And this recipe is KILLER, involving caramelized onions, sage, and cornbread.

Nov. 26 004

And the turkey itself in all it’s glory last night..

Thanksgiving '10 046

Mac and Cheese made with all sorts of cheeses, including smoked gouda….oh yes.

Nov. 26 007
Broccoli casserole..

Nov. 26 008
Sweet potato soufflé (my 2nd favorite part!)

Nov. 26 002

As well as mashed potatoes, creamed corn, and deviled eggs.



Cake. And pie. Someone please please remove this pie from my house…


And now I am going to go enjoy my unexpected night off and watch the Holiday, which means the holiday season is, indeed, upon us at last!