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I bet you didn’t know… that I just realized Christmas is only a week away and I’m NOWHERE near done with Christmas shopping. Please tell me I’m not alone!?


I bet you didn’t know… I have a lot of Christmas movie viewing to cram into less than a week, including Home Alone (1 AND 2), The Santa Clause, Holiday in Handcuffs, and The Holiday, to name a few, or Christmas does not feel complete.


I bet you didn’t know… Christmas candy tastes WAY better than normal candy. It’s a proven fact.

Dec. 17 026


I  bet you didn’t know… I’ve been missing veggies in my life lately. Thus, the following…

Dec. 17 002

Collard Green/Black Eyed Pea Soup from Whole Foods. Um, I love you Whole Foods but I couldn’t get this soup down. It was NOT the best.

Dec. 17 006

When in doubt, get your greens in sweet fruity juice form 🙂

Dec. 17 011

A homecooked meal by my mom.. potatoes, corn, and collard greens. Mmm…

I’ve also been eating at work a LOT. And when I want to make healthy choices, they are available.. they make this HUGE fluffy amazing sweet potatoes that I’m kinda addicted to. I may turn orange soon..


I bet you didn’t know… I’m obsessed with chocolate almond milk. It’s the BOMB. Especially over peanut butter cereal…

Dec. 17 010


I bet you didn’t know… breakfast will always be my favorite meal of the day. And I always watch either I Love Lucy or Bewitched while I eat breakfast (I have all seasons on DVD.. i’m a tad obsessed). It’s my me time, my quiet time, before another crazy day.

Dec. 17 007

TJ’s waffles topped with a microwaved cinnamon apple and peanut butter.

Dec. 17 009

Cherrios topped with a warm apple, peanut butter, and honey.

Dec. 17 018

In a Christmas bowl 🙂

Dec. 17 020


I bet you didn’t know… I’ve also enjoyed my fair share of treats lately as well.

Dec. 17 001

Ohhh Christmas cookies…

Dec. 17 014

And a burger cooked by my mom..

Dec. 17 016

Sometimes I crave burgers. Sue me.


And I celebrated Cookie Friday a day early with a Chocolate Chunk cookie from Starbucks. It was AMAZING.


I bet you didn’t know… I had never been to Peir 1 until this week. Talk about a food blogger’s paradise… I had to restrain myself.

Dec. 17 021

I did, however, walk out with this little red bowl..so cute!

Dec. 17 022


I bet you didn’t know… a self-serve frozen yogurt store opened in my SMALL town. I may be in heaven.



I bet you didn’t know… I ran .2 miles the other day at the gym. It was AMAZING.


I bet you didn’t know… I still have to fight the urge to kill anyone I see running because I’m so jealous.


I bet you didn’t know… it’s been a year since I was diagnosed with my stress fracture. It’s still not anywhere near healed.


I bet you didn’t know… I’m not sure how much more I can take of this.


BUT on a happier note, I bet you didn’t know.. I’m spending New Years in Orlando and if any FL blog readers would like to have a meet-up, I would LOVE that!!!