Signs that I have been working too much…

  1. I dream about it. Every night. Every single night. But not just dreams, oh no… nightmares, my friends.
  2. I see my co-workers more than my friends and family. In fact, they’ve become my family. I know WAY too much about them. There are things that you share when you are stressed/overworked/about to explode, all of which we all experience on a daily basis.
  3. I love almost all of my co-workers and we have a blast. This can’t be normal.
  4. I don’t know what to do when I go out out to eat. Wait what? You’re going to wait on me?
  5. I can roll sliverware in my sleep. Yep, dreams about this too.
  6. 90% of my meals come from the restaurant I work at. The other 10%? Cliff bars.
  7. I haven’t been out out since September… this must be remedied.

In other news, SC is expected to have a White Christmas. This is legendary.