Disney Day 1 082

I’m currently in Orlando, FL with my family for vacation (someone please bring me some wine and chocolate chip cookie dough balls, STAT) and while I COULD do the re-cap of today, I’m exhausted and have to get up early in the morning (for HARRY POTTER!) so I thought I’d leave you with this fun survey Gabriela tagged me to do a while ago.

Last night the lovely Kailey tagged me in a fun little survey I thought I’d continue!

1. Four TV shows that I watch

– Gossip Girl

– The Vampire Diaries

– The Rachael Ray Show

– Bewitched (DVD’s)

2. Four things that I’m passionate about

– Food

– Heath and exercise

– Love and how everything happens for a reason

– Following my dreams

3. Four words/phrases I use a lot

– “What?”

– “Hi how are you?” (at work)

– “cool”

– Curse words. Um, potty mouth sometimes. I blame the restaurant business.

4. Four things I’ve learned in the past

– Sometimes, things just aren’t meant to be, no matter how much you wish them so.

– There’s always going to be that one guy you’ll always love, no matter what.

– There is an end to every bad situation.

– When you make a plan, God laughs.

5. Four places I would like to go

– Back to Ireland and England

– California

– Greece

– Italy

6. Four things I did yesterday

– Flew on 2 airplanes

– Sat in 2 airports

– Sat next to a CARAZY lady

– Ate. A lot.

7. Four things I am looking forward to

– The future, in general.

– My birthday

– Graduating in the spring

– Having my own family (in the future!)

8. Four things I love about winter

– The clothes

– Cuddling

– Snow

– Christmas

9. Tag four people to play along






Now, pick one category and answer for yourself!