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So first of all, the comments on my last post pretty much brought me to tears. All I can say is that you guys are SERIOUSLY amazing. Amazing. I would like to give all of you a big hug. Thank you AGAIN for reading and for coming back and I promise to always stay true to myself and be real, as that’s what most of you said you liked the most. Also, I got some requests to touch on my past ED and stress fracture a little bit more, so expect that in the future.

Also, remember when I mentioned I had a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday about my stress fracture? Well, apparently I’m a medical mystery. They did another x-ray and according to those results, my stress fracture has not improved (but also has not regressed) in the past 6 months. Fabulous. BUT the question is why I’m having pain WHERE I’m having it. I’m experiencing pain in my hip area while the stress fracture is a good bit lower than that, which confuses my doctor. SO, I am supposed to have a MRI Monday (which may not happen as we’re supposed to get dumped with snow) to see if there’s an issue with my hip and if so, we are going to try a shot of cortisone in my hip..ouch. And if there’s no issue with my hip or that doesn’t work, my doctor is going to try other things to figure what’s going on. Finally, we’re getting somewhere. I’ll be sure to keep you up to date with the goings on!


And now, what you actually came for… the FOOD! As most of my last posts have been word heavy, I have a good bit of pictures to unload on you so here goes! And some may or may not have been from back in December…oops.

Snow 10 005

Cheerios, almond milk, and a banana.

Disney Day 1 002

An INCREDIBLE salad full of lots of veggies, croutons, almonds, and bacon bits. YUM.

Disney Day 1 006

RED VELVET cheesecake (to DIE) along with a sliver of gooey butter cake.

Disney Day 1 010

A bag of cookies my secret santa sent!

Disney Day 1 011


Disney Day 1 014

Which were AMAZING toppers for oats…

Disney Day 1 015

Along with Barney Butter.

Disney Day 1 017

Best decision ever.


Disney Day 1 088

Chicago style pizza in Orlando!

Disney Day 1 089

From Giordano’s, courtesy of a suggestion from Meghann!


Florida 2 155

The most amazing dessert ever… vanilla ice cream topped with Ghiradelli chocolate FUDGE in Orlando.

Florida 2 154

I may or may not have been dreaming about this dessert since the last time I went 2 years ago…


Florida 2 172

A bowl full of goodness! Brown rice/quinoa topped with roasted okra, mushrooms, and green beans. YUM.


Jan 8 001

Real Madagascar vanilla that I bought in Orlando MADE these oats!

Jan 8 003

In the mix:

  • oats
  • water
  • a dash of half and half (makes it super creamy)
  • an apple
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla
  • apple cinnamon granola
  • fresh ground almond butter
  • maple agave nectar

Jan 8 004

Holy yum. And I’m finding that I enjoy oats without the banana?


Random dinner but oh so good!

Jan 8 005

Leftover collard greens…

Jan 8 006

A Quorn faux chicken patty…

Jan 8 008

A taste of homemade macaroni and cheese…

Jan 8 007

And a sweet potato.

Jan 8 009


WAFFLES! You know it.

Jan 8 011

Van’s Whole Wheat Waffles

Jan 8 012

One topped with almond butter and Crofter’s, along with bananas and blueberries

Jan 8 010


A yogurt bowl with Whole Foods peanut butter cereal, apple cinnamon granola, yogurt, and a pear.

Jan 8 013


Jan 8 015


A Mickey Rice Krispie Treat from Orlando!

Jan 8 017

OIAJ! Well, overnight oats in a jar… My dad is currently obsessed with peanut butter and goes through about a jar every week or so. And leaves me the empty jar. I’m not complaining 😉

Jan 8 018

I threw in some Annie’s Graham bunnies… MADE it!

Jan 8 020


Another yogurt bowl with Greek yogurt, peanut butter cereal, blueberries, pineapple, and Kefir.

Jan 8 021

Mmm… Kefir, I missed you.

Jan 8 022


And dinner last night.

Jan 8 024

Boiled shrimp, a baked potato, a fried scallop and shrimp, and hushpuppies.


I then continued the night with a fro-yo date with a couple friends, a Bonfire with another friend (which are highly overrated… I STILL smell), and then going out… I slightly overbooked myself as I’m not used to having a Friday night off. But hey, you only live once!

How has your weekend been?


“There are only two types of honest people in this world: small children and drunk people.”