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Even if you don’t live in the South, I’m sure you’ve heard about our little predicament. It started snowing Sunday night and snowed all night long, into Monday morning. And i’m talking SNOW… not a dusting like we’re used to. All in all, we got around 7 inches… and that is MIND BLOWING for these parts. And then, the sleet/freezing rain started last night. Basically, we’re snowed in.

Jan 11 012

I was stuck away from home yesterday and finally made the harrowing journey back home last night. <- Scariest car ride of my entire life. What usually takes 25 minutes took an hour and a half. So now, we are iced in. There’s no going ANYWHERE. Schools have been closed for 2 days and are estimated to be closed for the near future… Which should be good but i’m going CRAZY!!  Someone SAVE ME!


This would be a Quorn faux chicken pattie on a bun and kale chips.. even though I burnt most of them. I’ve lost my kale chips cooking ability :/

Jan 11 001

With ketchup and pickles…

Jan 11 002

And some baby grape tomatoes along side

Jan 11 003

Breakfast was the same the past few days..

Jan 11 004

Jan 11 007

Jan 11 006

And a micowaved cinnamon apple with kefir and granola for a snowed in snack 🙂

Jan 11 014

I think mother nature is having a bit of a temper tantrum..