So if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been (or maybe you haven’t since I tend to disappear every now and again.. heh), I have been dealing with what happened to me last Wednesday. Due to the ice and snow, I was involved in an accident. It wasn’t my fault and no one was hurt (though I am SUPER sore and have some nasty bruises) but my car is… well, she’s not so good. A lady ran a red light and hit me on my side of my car and it’s all dented in, my tires are messed up, it won’t even start (the cop and my boy and his friend had to PUSH it out of the intersection).. I could go on. Thankfully, she was only going about 15 mph so it could have been WAY worse. But like I said, I’m ok and no one was seriously injured, which is what matters. It scares me to think about what would’ve happened if she was going faster…ugh. ANYWAY, i’ve been dealing with all the things that go along with this and have been a bit busy. And, my nerves are STILL shot. I couldn’t eat for two days… and I ALWAYS have an appetite.. if that tells you anything. But in any case, the only good thing that came out of this was that I get to drive this SWEET rental car!

IMAG0096 IMAG0095

That would be a 2010 Jeep Liberty. I’m kind of in love 🙂