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I’ve been playing a little game called catch up the last few days, as I caught something last week and was extremely sick all week… resulting in missing school, work, and life in general. But now I’m back and feeling better.. even if I still can’t exactly taste anything. In any case, you haven’t missed much while I’ve been sick as everything has been slightly bland and light (I’m just now getting back to eating normally again) but in case you are actually interested in what I ate, I’ll share..

This was before I got sick…

Jan 24 001

Trader Joe’s Gluten Free pancakes with peanut butter, strawberries, and banana

Jan 24 003

And yes, they were as good as they looked.

Jan 24 004


And then once I did become sick, I ate a LOT of these.

Jan 24 005

Saltines. I actually love them. Am I the only one who thinks they are addicting?!

Jan 24 007

Salmon stew made by my mom. Looks gross, tastes amazing.

And the required Chicken Noodle Soup

Jan 24 012

Annd lots of oats.

Jan 24 009

This was frozen TJ’s steel cut oats with banana and peanut butter.

Jan 24 010

They were delicious, even if I was unable to actually EAT this bowl at the time.

Jan 24 013

Lots of instant TJ’s maple oatmeal was also consumed..

Jan 24 015

And cereal..

Jan 24 008

Jan 24 019

TJ’s, ofcourse.

Jan 24 020

And a snack today of yogurt, raw oats, and banana.

Jan 24 022

Every single thing in this post also may or may not have been from TJ”s… addiction much?


Also, top searches that have led to my blog this week are, jay robb in christ, rice krispie treat train, and recipe for bourbon marinade for salmon fish sold at earth fare. Huh. Though the rice krispie treat train is intriguing…