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I have BIG news! About my stress fracture.. or lack thereof.. but more on that in a minute 😉

First, the food..


Feb 4 001
And the my favorite OIAJ ever.. Barney Butter.

Feb 4 002

Topped with granola that Jess sent me

Feb 4 004

OIAJ.. just an excuse to eat massive quantities of peanut butter.. er, almond butter. And hey, it’s environmentally friendly!

And then ANOTHER OIAJ (thank you Dad for loving peanut butter just as much as me)

Feb 4 019

Filled with this find..

Feb 4 018

TJ’s Frozen Steel Cut Oats.

Feb 4 020

Annnd lots of this new Kashi Cereal.

Feb 4 005

Yes, it does have soggy problems but it’s oh so good.

Feb 4 015

And a comforting meal made by my mama.

Feb 4 006

Roasted veggies and lean cut pork chops.

Feb 4 008

As well as garlic bread 🙂

Feb 4 009


Feb 4 010

Perhaps my favorite brand?

And a lunch of a scrambled egg sandwich..

Feb 4 011

And an apple.

Feb 4 013

I love apples buuut I think I’m appled out.

A bowl of homemade pinto beans…

Feb 4 016

Looks gross.. but oh so good.

Along with cornbread.

Feb 4 017

And finally, I made Jenna’s Old Fashioned Banana Pudding

Feb 4 014

If you’re not from the South, you may not have tried Banana Pudding before but guys.. you MUST make this. It’s out of this world!


And now, the news. If you have been following my blog for a while, I’m sure you know all about my year-long stress fracture (if not, take a look at the archives). Well, I had a follow-up MRI last week at my doctor’s request because the pain I am experiencing now is not correlating with my stress fracture, even though the x-ray I had 2 weeks ago showed that my stress fracture was still there. I then received an unexpected phone call from my doctor yesterday with good/bad news. The good news? According to my MRI, the stress fracture is healed. HEALED, my friends. After a year. The realization has not completely hit me yet.. partly due to the bad news… which is that the pain I am experiencing is due to a tear of some sort in my hip. And I will probably either need surgery or an injection into my hip joint (ouch on both fronts…). I have an appointment with a specialist this week to find out more about the problem and what needs to be done. SO, I am ecstatic that my stress fracture is healed but pretty bummed that I have another problem. But at least the search for my source of pain is no longer a wild goose chase. And guys, I’m THIS CLOSE to getting back to running once we finally solve this problem, which makes me SO HAPPY. I’ll be sure to fill you guys in on the hip issues..

In any case, have a fabulous weekend!