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Last week… I had a doctor’s appointment about my stress fracture. As I explained in my previous post, the results of my latest MRI showed that my stress fracture had healed but that I had a tear somewhere in a tendon in my hip. So I went to the doctor’s appointment (a doctor who specializes in this sort of thing). I was examined. And they (the doctor and his.. trainee?) concluded that their examination was not correlating with the tear on the MRI. BUT that they believe I have tendonitis. The solution? Well.. they wanted to give me two shots of cortisone in my hip on the spot. In my HIP. Now, I do not like shots. At all. Especially when they are really long needles going into places that I do NOT prefer them to go. In any case, I saw the needles and flipped. After some tears (on my part), hyperventilating (also on my part), and reasoning (my doctor), we decided to pursue physical therapy and medication instead. Much better. All joking aside, this route will take much longer and the shot would have told my doctor a lot but guys.. I literally could NOT take that shot. There was nothing in the world at that point that was going to make me let my doctor put those two huge needles in my body. Oh no. He said he understood and whatnot, so we shall see what happens. And this will be my third time in therapy, in case you didn’t know. Here’s to hoping this time actually works… But just to let you guys know, blogging will most likely suffer between therapy, work, and school.. I’m barely keeping up now as it is.

I would also like to thank everyone for your support, encouragement, and advice.. I love you all!!


And now on to happier things 🙂 Last week I had the BEST oats… which I have dubbed, Banana Pudding Oats.. plus peanut butter. And maple.

Feb 15 002

Using this.. (can you spot the black beast of a cat in the background?)

Feb 15 001

The base was oats, milk, water, banana, salt, vanilla extract and maple extract.

Feb 15 004

Which I topped with peanut butter and two crumbled Nilla Wafers

Feb 15 003

Cookies on oats.. not a bad idea folks.

Feb 15 005

I also had regular oats topped with milk.. so good and comforting.

Feb 15 008

And one of the best sandwiches EVER. Using these two babies..

Feb 15 010

Yes, as a matter of fact, it did taste like a Reese’s Cup 🙂

Feb 15 009

A white chocolate covered marshmallow left over from Disney..

Feb 15 011

And, of course, waffles.

Feb 15 020

Topped with Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter and syrup.

Feb 15 019


Have a fabulous rest of the week loves!