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Like 80% of the population, I am currently sick. Again. I blame my co-workers. If you’re sick, someone else had the same symptoms the day before. And someone will have the same symptoms tomorrow. In any case, I’m taking a personal day. No school, no work, no NOTHING. Except rest. And a Sex in the City marathon.

And finally, blogging that I’m VERY behind on.


Sometime last week I had sushi from Whole Foods

Feb 22 001

One roll was a spicy shrimp tempura.

Feb 22 002

I’m a sucker for anything tempura. I like it because it adds some crunch, aka texture, to an otherwise texture-less roll.

Feb 22 005

Another roll had shrimp and veggies inside and was topped with more shrimp and avocado.

Annd a Whole  Foods oatmeal chocolate chip cookie

Feb 22 006


Trader Joe’s Blueberry waffles..

Feb 22 007

Topped with earth balance, syrup, blackberries, and banana

Feb 22 008


I also found several new yogurts at TJ’s and Whole Foods

Feb 22 009

Greek yogurt with fiber? Heck yeah.

Feb 22 025

Also in peach 🙂

And this brand by Whole Foods… which I sort of like.

Feb 22 029


Also using said yogurts, I had two muffin/yogurt bowls

Feb 22 012

With Whole Foods Vegan Blueberry muffins, to be exact

Feb 22 011


Another new find..

Feb 22 014

And yes, it IS as good as everyone says 🙂

I also found this sweet/savory mustard that I’m in LOVE with

Feb 22 015


I had these fresh strawberries at some point..

Feb 22 016

Oh boy am I ready for strawberry season… NOTHING compares to fresh, local strawberries


A yogurt bowl with the new Kashi cereal (the one that has a problem staying crunchy)

Feb 22 017

I found that it held up well in the yogurt bowl… but this did NOT keep me full.

Feb 22 018


And this Asian noodle bowl from TJ’s

Feb 22 020


I’ve also had LOTS of bowls of this crispy rice cereal from TJ’s…

Feb 22 021

And quite a few of these cookies

Feb 22 022


Amy’s veggie lasagna… unfortunately, some of the only veggies i’ve had this week.

Feb 22 026


Annd I found THIS at Whole Foods. Chocolate granola. Oh. My. GOODNESS.

Feb 22 031

Which I topped some chocolate oats with.

Feb 22 032

And please, someone tell me WHY have I waited SO LONG to have chocolate oats?

Feb 22 035


Feb 22 040

I may have had that AGAIN this morning. I think I’ve found a new addiction.


In other news, I’m thinking of trying to go Vegan for a week as an experiment. I have been lacking MAJORLY in veggies/whole foods lately (mainly ever since I started working). It’s been challenging because I’m forced to eat on the go and at work so much that getting good food is really hard. Especially veggies… I’m also not craving them that much. In addition, I’m feeling just blah and yucky and bad about my body lately and I am almost certain it’s because of my poor diet and lack of exercise lately. Any thoughts? (I’d especially love to hear from vegans out there)