My dear blog friends, I’m SO sorry for my lack of postage in the last couple of months.. it’s beginning to be a weekly posting deal and while it’s realistic with my schedule, I’m not loving it. I MISS blogging.. I think I just needed a little bit of a break. My goal is to TRY to get back to at least the every other day blogging.. we’ll see how that goes. But just know that even though I’m not blogging as frequently nor commenting on all of your lovely blogs, I’m still reading daily (thank you God for my phone) and I still love you all!

In any case, when I last left you I was about to go on a snowboarding trip with some friends and my guy. Well.. it was a BLAST! But the snowboarding part? It did not go so well. My boyfriend was the only one who knew how to snowboard and my friend’s boy picked it up just like that. Her and I on the other hand? Let’s just say, we were not able to make it down the bunny slope. Heh. We tried buuut it was just not working. It was still fun and we are already planning another trip… except this time, her and I are going to stick to skiing.

Here are *some* pictures from our trip…


That would be me attempting to ice skate… haha.



A lovely dinner that we accomplished through a joint effort


My boy and friend trying on crazy hats.. this picture alone should tell you what a crazy/hilarious trip it was with these two.


My friend again, and her guy.



The lift to the top of the mountain… a view from inside the warm lodge where my friend and I spent most of our time


And the lodge itself.

Some pictures of our GORGEOUS cabin..





Annnd… the hot tub. Where lots of fun went down 🙂




And p.s., it’s not a good idea to put dish detergent in a hot tub 🙂