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Working in a restaurant has its challenges. For instance, all of the delicious tempting foods at your disposal.. that you serve all night.. that call your name. Especially the buttery ooey gooey doughy cinnamon sugar covered croissants that are at your fingertips. When I first began working there, I avoided eating there at all costs. But then I started closing at night and I just could not keep the hunger at bay long enough so I give in. Quite frequently nowadays. BUT, it’s the same thing as if you were eating out daily. It makes me feel… BLAH. So I am making an effort to eat as good as I can when I can and eat mostly at home. And at work, stick to the veggie side dishes and salads.

In any case, some foods that I’ve been enjoying lately that are tasty AND good for me..

March 18 019

Homemade spaghetti with ground turkey and mushrooms made by my mom!

March 18 020


March 18 022

Waffles. With blackberries. Had you any doubt?

March 18 023

With a side of yogurt and banana..

March 18 025

Apples and pb..

March 18 026

With a veggie burger on toast.. yum!

March 18 028

Kashi cereal.. yep, the one with the sogginess problem.

March 18 030

Oats topped with cereal

March 18 033

TJ’s light mac and  cheese.. YUM!

March 18 036

Overnight oats topped with mixed berries and TJ’s flax peanut butter

March 18 040

A yogurt mess with Kashi cereal (that I totally forgot the name of), yogurt, and banana.

March 18 043


March 18 045

Waffles topped with peanut butter, banana, and fake syrup

March 18 046

A yogurt mess with a Whole Foods low fat Blueberry Muffin

March 18 047

Overnight oats again with peanut butter and frozen strawberries

March 18 050


March 18 051

A yogurt mess with banana, ground flax, Kashi Honey Sunshine, and yogurt.

March 18 053


And now for a question.. with my busy life lately, I haven’t been to the gym in oh… weeks and weeks?! I try to fit in little mini strength training sessions at home but I REALLY miss the gym. The only times I have time to go between school and work is RARE and would make for an extremely rushed gym session. And, I would be giving up free/rest time to work out. Should I give up this time for a good sweat session? Also, I’ve never showered AT the gym BUT if this works out, it would mean showering and getting ready at the gym and going straight to work. I know people do this all the time.. how does this work for you? Any advice would be GREAT!


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