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Happy Tuesday! I forgot to mention but this week is my spring break! Not that I have anything exciting planned and I still have to work BUT still. No school work. No going to school. Sleeping in. More time to go to the gym. I’m happy 🙂

Speaking of the gym, I went today and did 30 minutes on the elliptical and I reallllly tried to push myself instead of taking it easy on there, like I have been apt to do. I also did some weights and I’m talking WEIGHTS.. I tried to lift until I couldn’t lift anymore. And ofcourse, some stretching. I’m already feeling it.. tomorrow is going to be interesting!


So before I get to the failure that was tonight’s dinner.. let’s recap, shall we?

March 29 001

Waffle Sunday! Or, just another breakfast.

March 29 003

This time with strawberry cream cheese, fake syzup (aka Light Mrs. Butterworth’s… don’t kill me Jess!), and blueberries.

And then came the return of Barney Butter! Aka the best almond butter ever. EVER. Just sayin..

March 29 006

Another new item..

March 29 005

And together, plus oats, became this beauty..

March 29 007

Oats topped with banana, Barney Butter, and granola.. SO GOOD.

March 29 009

And then… she went back to the waffles. TJ’s gluten free waffles, that is.

March 29 010

I’m telling you, these things are CRACK. Everytime I eat them my cat comes running and sits beside me begging for a bite.. and he never had any interest in waffles before. Odd.

March 29 011

Topped with Barney Butter and alongside a nectarine.

Another new item I found at Publix today?

March 29 013

AND the new lemon and mango flavors!! I may or may not have squealed a little loudly when I saw them…

And then came dinner. See, I had this plan to make Pad Thai with Shrimp. I LOVE pad thai and I’ve been craving it like no other. And even though I loooove pad thai from my favorite thai restaurant, it’s a tad bit greasy and we all know that homemade food is better for you anyway (usually). I’ve also made pad thai at home once before and it was GOOD! My mistake tonight? I decided to try a different recipe. Not my brightest moment.

March 29 014

These ingredients turned into this…

March 29 015

Looks pretty good, no?

March 29 016

My problem was that it was too dry (there wasn’t enough sauce), I wasn’t a fan of the thin rice noodles, and there was not much flavor. The cilantro and chopped peanuts pretty much saved the dish..

But you can bet I’m going to be getting some Pad Thai take out pretty soon…


“Whatever the moment, don’t let it pass you by.”