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Is it just me or was March a bit of a blur? How is it April already?! But more importantly, it IS April. And April is my birthday month.. 18 days and counting until I turn 23. Yay? After turning 21, every other birthday is sort of.. melodramatic. Maybe I’m wrong? What was (is) the best year of your 20’s? So far, my 20’s have been seriously life changing. If anyone told me I’d be where I am now a year ago, I would’ve told them they needed some help. But God always knows best, right? But that’s another post for another time.

Aril also means Spring.. and I think we can all appreciate that!


Food-wise, I don’t have TOO much to share.

April 2 002

I DID try this new Chobani flavor, Mango, and it was AWESOME. Not quite as good as pineapple buuut it’s up there.

April 2 003

All in a yogurt mess..

April 2 005

With Kashi Sunshine, Udi’s Gluten Free granola, and banana.

April 2 007

That yogurt was also great and kept me full with the fiber. How DO they do that?

And for breakfast today? Kashi Cereal. You know, the one with the crunch problem 😉

April 2 008

Still good though 🙂 With banana and almond milk.

April 2 009


Now tell me, what are YOU most excited about for April?