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I finally have a real post in store for you guys. I know, I know, it’s WAY overdue. This is a definite picture heavy post but good things are in store.. very good things, my friends..

Let me introduce you to the breakfast of the year..

May 2 022

Jessica’s Cake Batter Pancakes. Yes, I went there.

Well, kind of. I used a shortcut.

May 2 017

I combined one serving of Trader Joe’s Multigrain Baking & Pancake Mix, a tablespoon or so of yellow cake mix, an egg white, a bit of greek yogurt (in place of oil or butter), and sprinkles.

May 2 020

All toped with maple syrup and more sprinkles.

May 2 018

Seriously, the best pancakes I have ever made myself. Quite possibly, the best pancakes I’ve ever had?

I think we all concur that Jessica is a genius. Oh yes.

I had the above on my birthday (what better way to celebrate your birthday?!) and them had then AGAIN a couple of days later.

May 2 039

This time with rainbow sprinkles and more cake mix. 🙂

May 2 041

Seriously incredible.

Some other (perhaps a little less exciting eats) have included..

May 2 001


May 2 004

A VERY good bowl.. topped with Barney Butter, Granola, and maple syrup.

And Trader Joe’s Gluten Free pancakes.

May 2 007

I bought these a while back and honestly? Not a fan. I love you Trader Joe’s but something about the texture in these pancakes was just… not for me. However, not one to waste food, I gave them another try.

May 2 008

Topped with Barney Butter and maple syrup. The ones with Barney Butter were good but the other… not so much.

Oats yet again..

May 2 010

Topped with Barney Butter, Crofter’s, and granola.

May 2 012

Annd a yogurt/muffin bowl

May 2 013

A Whole Food’s Vegan Blueberry Muffin <- the BEST.

May 2 015

Annd let’s break for a celebration.. Strawberry Season is upon us yet again, my friends! And the first strawberries of the season? Came out on my birthday. I think that’s a sign.

May 2 023

And birthdays would be incomplete without cake 🙂 It was most definitely enjoyed.

May 2 026

I also found these (FINALLY) Ud’s Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins.

May 2 025

Holy COW. These things are GOOD! I love gluten and all but I’m finding that I ADORE gluten free baked goods..

And yet another new find…

May 2 027

Also quite delicious 🙂

I’ve also had the return of TJ’s Gluten Free waffles… oh yes!

May 2 028

Topped with Barney Butter and maple syzup!

May 2 031

Alongside fresh strawberries..

May 2 030

Also the return of Caramel Oikos.. oh, it’s been way too long.

May 2 044

Topped with granola.

And yet MORE Tj’s waffles.. this time multigrain.

May 2 046

Topped with Barney Butter and maple syrup.

May 2 047

And not suprisingly, after all of the Barney Butter featured in this post, I had OIAJ.

May 2 049

Full with oats, yogurt, Crofter’s, and a biiiit more Barney Butter

May 2 050


So as you can see, most of these pictures are of breakfast. Ok, almost all of them. I’ve been slacking on taking pictures of other things because I’m usually with my boy at those times. He knows about the blog and supports it but I think he still thinks it’s a bit strange.. I haven’t quite been brave enough to bust out the camera. I do guess it’s about time!

In wedding news, I still do not know where to start. But you better believe I’ll be sharing the whoooole experience of wedding planning with you guys 🙂 Just forewarning you 😉 I’m also moving ummm… next week? Um… HELP.


And, I won’t even go into how much I loved the Royal Wedding and ADORED Kate’s dress and have tons of specials on the royal wedding and Kate and William DVR’d.



Oh no, not going there.


And finally, the 30 Day Challenge. My views on religion.

Not going to lie, this is a toughie. I have no qualms about sharing what I believe but I do NOT want to offend anyone and am in no way saying that what you believe is wrong or trying to force my views on you. That being said, I am a Christian and I love God with all my heart. And if anyone wants to know more about my personal beliefs, I’d be happy to share with you privately.


And if you are STILL hanging in there and reading, have a GREAT week bloggies!