Wanted: Packers

I will pay you in baked goods if you can pack my entire life into some boxes. And this is only a portion of the crap things I’ve collected over the years..

On and under this…

May 4th 029 All of this…

May 4th 030 Oh yeah, and these…

May 4th 031 And that too.

May 4th 032

And that’s only the CLOTHES, excluding the other clothes in my big dresser. Which brings me to an issue… HOW am I going to fit all of my clothes in the new house? Closet space is small AND I have to share. And of course I have to bring ALL of my clothes.. of course. HELP.

And if you can somehow find a way to pack my two babies in some boxes too, I’d be forever and ever grateful.

May 4th 024

May 4th 027

May 4th 028

May 4th 026

Um, he wouldn’t be still… he’s stubborn..nothing like me, pshh…

May 4th 025

But that’s why I love him 🙂 And I’m going to miss him.

Ok, someone stop the tears too. Please.